Why site performance is important in search rankings

The ever-evolving Google search algorithms are putting more and more importance on website performance for search rankings. Getting on top of Google rankings is important for websites to drive more traffic. Site performance and loading speed have always been important factors in determining site rankings. But the recent transformation in mobile optimization and the importance of user-experience metrics has made the site performance a huge factor that cannot be ignored at all costs. Many digital marketing agencies in Dubai assert the need for user-optimized websites.
Page speed in search rankings
Speed is one of the most important landing page factors for Google algorithms. With the vast sea of search results, users are simply not interested in waiting for a slow loading page. If your website is putting people on waitlist, it’s sure to spiral downwards in terms of ranking. Stats and surveys show that more than half of website visits are abandoned due to slow loading speed. Web design companies in Dubai are currently making more effort to create websites that has good loading speed.
This factor is more important in case of mobile searches. Online tools like page speed insights and lighthouse will help you analyse your page speed and its effect on traffic. These online tools can help web design companies in Dubai to improve their site performance. Faster landing pages inevitably lead to better ROI just like slow pages are thrown to the bottom of rankings.
How page speed affects SEO
Page performance is a direct ranking factor for SEO. Factors like speed, responsiveness and layout shifts determine how well a web page is optimised for users. The question of whether the site is mobile-friendly is also important in the context of ranking. Developers must think seriously about the user experience quality that their websites put forth and consider the related metrics.
Mobile vs. desktop
Google keep separate scores for mobile and desktop versions of a given website. As mobile usage got more and more popular, Google devised a mobile first index which evaluated the mobile-friendliness of websites. According to social media marketing agencies in Dubai, more than half of the current Google queries are made through mobile devices. So it is vital that websites test their mobile versions first.
Optimised web experiences leads to better ranking, engagement and conversions. Google algorithms are coming up with more and more schemes to quantity user experience and use them as a basis for rankings. It only makes sense that website developers  and web design companies in Dubai put more focus on user experience while designing their websites.