Why You Should Be Using HubSpot Smart Rules in Email Marketing

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Let us first learn how smart content and smart rules work. HubSpot presents multiple subject lines based on list membership when utilising smart content in emails. Because we're sending these emails to a list of HubSpot CRM contacts, the recipient's contact record contains all of the information the email tool needs to segment depending on lifecycle stage or list membership.

 How it  Works?

Content personalization and marketing have just gotten a whole lot easier. Based on the contact information in your CRM, personalise the experience on your website. Based on your character and their stage in the buyer's journey, personalise forms, emails, and even sales calendars. Every HubSpot module, including custom modules, now provides a simple way to customise your communications to a specific target. HubSpot's Smart Content improvements provide you a lot of options. Making life easier.

Let us talk about how to use these features;

To be honest, HubSpot smart content can now be used in a variety of ways. The best approach to learn is to have a few examples based on each category to teach you how. This could provide you some ideas for your own marketing initiatives. 

Membership Via Contact List

Contact list membership is perhaps the most powerful category on which you can apply a smart rule from the list above. This implies you can create a contact list based on a specific feature. Then, using smart content, show this group of contacts customised content.

Let's imagine you're hosting a webinar and you're attempting to attract folks to register. You can make a list of people who have signed up. Then, on the event page, apply a smart rule to the hero image and adjust the CTA for people who have already registered.

Lifecycle Stage 

This smart rule comes in handy if you're sending an email to a list of contacts that's relevant to them, even if they're in different stages of the lifecycle, such as leads or opportunities. Instead than creating a new email for each lifecycle stage, you may tailor one email to address any customer at any stage.

Customize based on lifecycle stages to enhance open rates, and use customization tokens and emojis to make each subject even more personalised. The smart default subject line will be shown to the recipient if they do not fall under one of the smart rules.

Device Type

Smart Content dependent on device type can be extremely beneficial in a world of "mobile-first" marketing. You can now create a smart rule that directs mobile users to a different CTA, page, or form than those on a desktop computer. Here are two alternative perspectives:

CTA's to contact: Consider implementing a smart rule that displays a phone number for mobile users, making it simple for them to call.

Forms: Create a smart rule to make mobile-specific forms easier to fill out by reducing the amount of information required. Because your user is on the go and likely filling out these forms fast, utilise drop-down menus or checkboxes to make them easier to fill out.

Referral Source 

Use Smart Content by referral sources to target users based on how they reached your site. This is especially useful if you have many personalities that use different social media channels. Possibly you serve one type of material to Facebook users and another to LinkedIn visitors. You may also get fairly specific with this. Choose from social media networks, email, direct traffic, paid advertising strategies, or other customized sources.

Langauage Setting

Smart Content by preferred language can help you hyper-focus messaging based on where your clients are located if you have customers all over the world. Show the user's preferred language in their web browser. If you have a pricing table for your services, for example, you can include a smart rule that modifies the price based on the user's language. The pricing table will automatically adapt to reflect prices in Euros if you have an Italian website user.


HubSpot's new Smart Content features make it easy to employ email marketing in Dubai to adopt a user-driven contextual marketing approach. To use it effectively, you must have a thorough understanding of your customer personas and the content they seek at each point of their journey.

Slowly and strategically introduce yourself to Smart Content. Trying one type of Smart Content category for a set amount of time and tracking its outcomes and success will help you refine your strategy. Use the information and insights gained from Smart Content to improve future content and develop more personalised marketing campaigns.