Which social media platforms are great to use without wasting your time

Where to target your actions on social media when you want to boost the scale? It is helpful for you to learn about the most popular social networking platforms around, be it an established social media marketer, a marketer trying to manipulate social network marketing or a company owner. You will then optimise your social media brand presence, out to the correct audience and accomplish your targets of social networking.

Naturally, social media platforms are not simply about the size. This also includes if the organisation and you are fitted well with the social media platform. Will your brand identity match up? Is this social media forum used for the target group? What is the number of social networking sites you can handle?


It is the largest social media source in the globe, with more than 2 billion members. There are various ways to gain benefit through Facebook, from a basic "home base" fan page to paying ads solutions, to figure out who your clients are and paid advertisements with unbelievable accuracy and specificity. Facebook is great to use since nearly all of the content types work perfectly on text, photos, images, live videos and pictures from Facebook. However, remember that the Facebook algorithm gives priority to the conversation and substantive contact, notably among friends and relatives. The best social media marketing companies use Facebook and Instagram for posting.


WhatsApp is a chat app available in more than 180 countries that people use. WhatsApp was used mainly for individuals to interact with families and friends. Starting with WhatsApp, people began interacting with corporations.

WhatsApp has developed its consumer network to provide enterprises with the right business profile, help consumers and exchange information on their orders with consumers. WhatsApp has been developed for small enterprises, while the WhatsApp Company API has been made for medium to large enterprises.


An outstanding marketing tool which is also the globe's most famous video-sharing site and the second largest search engine. The truth is, video is an extremely powerful way for your intended customer to interact and gain trust and reputation.YouTube is a video sharing site where every day people see a milliard of hours of videos. To begin, you should develop a YouTube channel which can be used for your brand that lets your fans access, comment and post videos for their subscribers. In addition to being the second most important social media channel, YouTube is also regarded as the second-largest Search Engine after Google. You should also allow advertising on YouTube and expand your presence on the website.


Instagram is the perfect place to share short pictures and videos that cater to very narrow niches and make your brand an influencer.

Instagram has far exceeded Twitter's followers with 1 billion users per month.

The digital medium is especially appealing for a broader audience when all images are first generated for terms like Facebook and Twitter. It enables you to upload a variety of materials, including photographs, images, stories and live videos. IGTV for longer-form the video was also recently introduced. Being a brand you will have a company profile in Instagram that gives you an extensive overview of your profile and posts and the option to plan Instagram posts using software from third parties. Social media marketing agencies promote its content through such platforms.


It's an entertaining one. Pinterest acts as an online file folder that helps you or your viewer to pin your digital content. It is only meant to obtain and distribute information, not to build and work. As Pinterest consumers continue to be motivated to try to purchase new products, Pinterest will start putting the brand in focus. Only the best Social Media Marketing company in Dubai uses these platforms to excel.