What is the Best Payment Gateway for eCommerce Websites in The UAE

The E-commerce market in the UAE already had a fast-paced growth and it skyrocketed from the start of 2020. More businesses started to go online with their sales and services. Many of them started to think about a well-built space of their own on the internet. This also increased the demand for many firms that do advanced-level web designing UAE sellers needed the most. A website is the only place where companies can make their own rules and do sales so, they all went looking for the best web designing company in UAE.

Top web designing companies in Dubai also started to plan their decision on the best payment gateways for the websites they build. All e-commerce sites need a payment gateway to run the transaction process between the business and the customer. These payment gateways need to be reliable and reputed to assure the safety of customer’s money and information. Moreover, it needs to be responsible all the time.

These characteristics of a payment gateway that is implemented on a website can improve trust and distrust among the customers. Many national and international websites of well-known companies and government organizations have multiple payment gateways to ensure the payment is done through any of them. It helps with payment when there are a lot of consumers to deal with.

Relevant thought must be done before making decisions on payment gateways for websites. Here are some of the best payment gateways available in the UAE that work better with eCommerce sites.

More About Payment Gateway

If you are a freelance worker with a beautiful website and a lot of customers, how do you get paid after the completion of service? The same question also goes to a product seller with an eCommerce site. The right answer is the implementation of a perfectly working payment gateway. Any other method for money transactions while dealing with a lot of people will become complex and impossible.

Payment gateway is what makes an eCommerce site an online shop. It is a middle person who takes the money from the consumer and delivers it to the merchant's bank account. Banks themselves have gateways to transfer money straight from the customer, and there are several third-party payment terminals too with high security.

What is Happening in a Payment Gateway?

A customer going through several items while adding some of them to the cart. After the selection of products he/she needs, the next stage will be a page where they have to fill in their address to continue. Thereafter, the customer lands on a page where the bank details from credit/debit cards or other payment methods the site offers need to be filled. Here is where the actual duty of payment gateway starts in the sale.

All details entered into the website will be securely transmitted to the payment gateway. These details will again travel through the payment gateway to the bank account of the merchant. Account authentication process and confirmation will happen between both banks where the customer’s and seller’s account resides. 

The payment will be successful if everything went right and the accounts are perfectly functional. Again, the payment gateway takes whatever the final result to the customer, either the payment is successful or not.

Best Payment Gateways for eCommerce Sites in The UAE

The best payment gateways used all across the UAE with high reputation in all industries include:


Most of the users with experience in online payment across the UAE might have seen the Telr payment gateway. Furthermore, it offers multiple payment methods in more than 100 countries across the world. They are recommended by several eCommerce sites for others due to the security and service they offer along with the most advanced features.

Amazon Payment Services

Amazon Payment Services is a major payment gateway used across the UAE, Qatar, and some Arabian countries. The risk of any security-related issues is much less with Amazon Payment Services due to the fewer regions it works and the high-security procedures. It offers a restless service inside UAE because it is more centered in UAE and its emirates.


CashU was born in and for the UAE as a reliable payment gateway. However, the name traveled to continents with a high reputation and became popular across European countries. Free account practices and less maintenance cost made it beloved among merchants from all kinds of industrial fields. Now, a virtual credit card system is also provided from CashU to make the payments more instant.


Checkout is an international payment gateway well-known for its adaptability to the market it is used for. This adaptability offers a greater user experience for all kinds of users on any platform. It offers the best tools to customize the experience and the end-to-end user experience through this payment gateway is exceptional.  


HyperPay was formed for Saudi Arabia and it extended the service to the UAE with partnerships of several banks and credit card providers. It has a great integration algorithm that works better with several online website builders like wordpress.

How to choose the best payment gateway for the website

This is where most of the web designing companies in Dubai get stuck for a decision due to concerns about the reliability of service and security. You have to look for few major factors before finalizing a decision on a payment gateway.


Consider the fact that how much the selected payment gateway can do for your customers and to yourself. The amenities you have to consider include plugins, extensions, and other codes you can use in them. Make sure that it works from anywhere, anytime from any device. The integration level is what makes a payment gateway better or worse for your business.


24/7 assistance is what makes any service better for end-users and businesses. The gateway must work perfectly all the time and there must be a team to take the phone and solve any technical issues. A regular business interaction will surely encounter several gateway problems and the gateway service you chose must be ready and equipped well to resolve this.

Time need for the transaction

The efficiency of the payment gateway is confirmed by how fast they are in transferring the fund into the bank account.


The payment gateway needs to be cost-effective especially for small business ventures. Make sure there are no hidden charges get applied to you or your customers during the payment.