What is meant by Call Tracking and Lead Scoring

Lead generation is significant for a business, looking for success through digital marketing. Companies have the amenity to reach out to UBL digital world - a reputed digital marketing agency in Dubai - to market any business online and generate customers. Generating leads is possible through various marketing methods including social media marketing, paid ads, SEO practices, and more.

However, it must never end with generating leads. Keeping up with the leads and valuating them often is imperative for improving the statistics and business. Lead scoring is the method of evaluating the leads generated to get an idea about how beneficial each lead is for the company.

Agencies experienced with client SEO services in Dubai can help the businesses in lead scoring and call tracking alongside implementing creative marketing strategies. Call tracking is another method of evaluating the marketing strategy used by the business by tracking how a customer found your business.

Both lead scoring and call tracking methods are useful for the successful optimization of digital marketing strategies. This way, marketers can understand the quality of leads they generate and concentrate on them. Details on where they come from and how they come from let them concentrate on achieving more high-quality leads.

Read further to know more about lead scoring and call tracking alongside how much benefit they are in digital marketing.

What is Lead Scoring and Call Tracking

In simple words, lead scoring is the classification of all generated leads of the business according to their quality. It will find the idle leads and sales-qualified leads so that marketers can concentrate more on them. Determining how qualified the leads are based on different levels of lead engagement with the business.

Everything including what a customer has to say about the business through any of the contact mediums and the interaction they did with the business over time. Big efforts including complex rules are important for the analysis of every lead generated. They have to understand how the lead got generated. Heavy digging and experimentation is the only way to successful lead scoring.

Incorporation of Lead scoring and call tracking in a business

Lead scoring helps the business to optimize its marketing strategies. However, call tracking is a major player in setting rules for lead scoring. How a lead interacted with the business and what value they added to the business will be tracked clearly with efficient call tracking methods.

Digging up every analytical data available on the leads and successful sales is significant for scoring the leads. Incorporating lead scoring with call tracking will let you concentrate on relevant marketing methods and content. It also improves the overall customer-company relationship - which enhances the reputation of the business in the market.

Tips on successful Lead Scoring

Successful lead scoring is not as simple as it seems. It needs your effort and time on research and rearrangement of rules and strategies.

  • Get an idea about the active lead scoring system: The market share and interests of any business will be subjected to changes over time. None of the lead scoring practices work forever. Frequent analysis and rearrangements of scoring scales are important. It is because of the changes that will happen to the consumer market of the same service due to the market trends and needs of the people.
  • Scoring of the leads: A threshold must be set for lead scoring according to the behavior of the customer. Leads could be measured with a negative scoring technique. You can list the leads when any lead is no more interested in the service or product.
  • Eliminate dead leads: Eliminating leads who are not interested in business anymore can save you time and effort. This will let you find the most beneficial leads for the business who will add value to the company.
  • Try multiple lead scoring rules: You don’t have to stick with one lead scoring method. Instead, trying different lead scoring methods at the same time would provide more understanding about the leads in your business. You can rank the leads according to how often a customer purchases the products, how much they spent, the number of purchases from the same location, and more such sales activities from valuable leads.
  • Providing detailed information to the marketing teams: A company should have a dedicated marketing team to look after all the related aspects. Every outcome of lead scoring has to be passed on to the marketing team. So, they will be able to rethink their every marketing decision if needed for the betterment of the business.

Benefits of Lead Scoring and Call tracking in Business

There is no use in implementing various lead scoring techniques alongside call tracking if there are no benefits from them. Here are some of the major benefits a business can acquire through these methods.

Helps to understand the business more

Lead scoring will provide the marketing team of a company with the most elaborated demographics and insights on the market performance. Using lead scoring data instead of wasting a lot of time on accounting papers and sales reports can help the business to find the most valuable customers easily.

It will also contribute a lot for the sales representatives who personally interact with the consumers. They can do changes if needed - in the customer-approaching method they follow. Furthermore, it allows the marketing team to list the customers according to the value they have from the beginning itself.

Enhancing efficiency

It is not a question anymore that if lead scoring and call tracking can save time. The productivity of both the manufacturing and marketing section can be enhanced through this. Post-call surveys are one of the major lead scoring techniques used by many mainstream companies.

Other methods like rating systems in websites and applications are also effective lead scoring techniques. Advanced methods like Artificial Intelligence-based techniques are also being used by several major brands and well-known companies.

Accuracy in analytics

Accurate insights are prominent stepping stones for the successful marketing of the business. Lead scoring and call tracking provide accurate analytics on every marketing move made by the company. This way the marketing department of the company can make any changes.