What are featured snippets

A snippet is a box that emerges at the top of the search outcome list, offering details that address your question concisely and specifically, quoting a website. A featured snippet is significant because it provides an additional SERP function to be protected. Typically placed on the top of the results list, the snippets give searchers more exposure and help brand awareness. Digital marketing companies can aid you in growing your business.

What are the types of featured snippets?

Featured snippets in search have a significant part to play. You can gain more traffic, get high traffic, make the website more purposeful. 3 basic forms of snippets featured are paragraphs, lists and tables.

Each one may have some minor differences, since Google checks them regularly, but can be grouped into these three groups.

Featured snippet lists

The snippet lists function elements which are often numbered in a sequence or which are method phases.

Featured snippet paragraphs

Those that in basic context have a description but they can also be displayed in other forms of searches.

Functional Snippet Tables

 This snippet form is used to display a range of data throughout in most instances.

How to get a featured snippet?

it’s not important to be in the top place of a search to access a featured snippet. This provides fresh pages with little authority and few possibilities. In the sections of the top positions of a search though, featured fragments are still created with information. This means that if you want to get a zero spot, you first have to put the information on the first page of the rankings. If this has been done, you can enhance your content and receive a featured snippet. The best digital marketing agency can help you with promoting your business effectively.


Google is attempting to extract a satisfactory response to the user's query inside your content. Note also that Google uses algorithms to evaluate the website and it is impossible to locate responses that are concealed in metaphors or mingled with satire, regardless of how complex the algorithm is. We suggest you put a traditional query for the user; close to what you would see in Wikipedia or a dictionary. A Seo company in Kerala does this to get a featured snippet. SEO experts feel that they need to build and place content which addresses complicated searches which will make it more challenging for Google to interpret and address them.