Want your website to rank on Google Remove these things from your website and see the result

If you find out that your sites hard-earned rankings have suddenly drowned what would you do? There is undoubtedly a fear motive, but it's not the world's end, and undoubtedly not the site's end. In most situations, you can simply blame yourself for not doing your best to escape this horrible situation. However, in some situations, you cannot explain all the potential circumstances that organic search traffic might lose from your website. Let's look into what some of the best digital marketing companies are doing to stay atop.

Removing outdated contents

Maybe a few times you've asked yourself this question how old the content on your website is. Make sure that the website decreases the bounce rate by reviewing and clarifying if the content is up-to-date. Google classifies the website as a whole and not as separate sites. Therefore, it will certainly be a good boost to refresh each page on your website. However, it's also a complicated and time-consuming job to update any part of a website. You have to edit the pages which have got a lot of traffic and delete the rest from the website!

Using outbound links

The external links are the key source for the website to gain further exposure. Often people make the error not to provide links to other websites/articles. There are plenty. Outbound links show Google that the article is true and insightful and that both are important ranking criteria. So, make sure to add outbound links to each of the products.   Make sure the ties are fairly important to the material and to authentic, professional sources. The best digital marketing agency can help you reach the heights.

Optimising your image

Make sure the photos contain file names on your website with the desired keyword. Your keyword goal should also be part of your pictures Alt Text. This increases the article's optimisation and provides a better image of the value of the product/page for the search engine. Photos are a core component of every website because they render visually pleasing and insightful websites. Naturally, optimising your pictures should increase your rating too. Even, in Google image search your image gets the best rating.

Mobile-friendly site

Websites should be user-friendly to view on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This ensures that, in order to read content and click on links, the user does not pinch and zoom in if he or she reaches the web on his or her mobile. This makes reading simple and faster, reducing unnecessary effort, on a mobile. The responsive design is a web site that adjusts dynamically to the width of the screen or application in which it resides. Responsive Design uses a single code base of hundreds of systems running. More smartphone friendliness is, of course, more viewers, implying more travel on the website. To find out whether the websites are web-friendly or not, use the Google Mobile-friendly Test Tool. The best digital marketing companies in Kochi are doing this to keep their site updated.


Commenting on blogs

Making a comment on blogs helps to create backlinks that create blog traffic. Many of these links are valuable and thus have little meaning, but the mechanism remains beneficial. Comments-material created by the users will help to index a website more easily for new articles. Daily comments are the perfect way to directly communicate with any blogger. While it takes time to develop those ties, the site managers and other co-bloggers can make you aware of the advantages in the long term.