Use FAQ and Reviews in GMB to Boost your Local SEO

Use questions and answers

To help users find as much information as possible about your business in search, Google My Business has a helpful FAQ and review sections about profiles. It will impact your Local SEO.
Anyone here can ask a question about your business and you can answer it. If anyone else has a similar inquiry, these questions will remain on your profile.
Unfortunately, this feature is often overlooked and many questions remain unanswered. This leads to another warning: anyone at Google can answer these questions.
This means that competing business owners, dissatisfied clients, or people who do not know your business can intervene and provide answers if you do not stand above things.
If you find someone misusing the Q&A feature with inappropriate responses, negative comments, or misleading information, you can easily report their answer to the Google My Business team for review and removal.
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What if no one asks any questions?
If your website contains current FAQs or a record of common questions from users, ask yourself!
Make sure you have a Google Account that uses your companys name and logo, search for your GMB profile on Google, submit a question, then answer.
Determine which ones you think will be most beneficial to the person who finds your profile through search and add them in reverse order so that the last question asked appears at the top of the question and answer profile.
Although you want to move users to your website faster to increase your chances of converting, answering general questions like frequently asked questions first show searches a) You know what you're doing; (B) They can get exactly what they need.

Tip: If you really want, there is nothing that can stop you from answering the questions your users ask your competitors.
Collect customer reviews

Here are some tips to help you get news about online reviews for local businesses:
95% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 check online reviews before making a purchase from an unknown company;
In fact, 60% of internet users prefer shopping somewhere than trusting someone with a rating below four out of five stars.
For mustard cutters, you need an average of 11 quality reviews before you can be trusted.
It is a common idea to say that it is more important than ever to display reviews about your business, products and services without being influenced by confidence signals such as reviews, clickthrough rates and conversion rates.
Google My Business allows you to request, respond to, and publicly review reviews and reviews about your business on the same "info card".
Whether you use another provider, such as TrustPilot or, to collect most of your reviews, you need to make sure that your GMB profile is positively different.

Leaving customer reviews here is very easy. If you personally serve customers, ask them to search for you on Google and leave a comment.
Instead, add a button to your website or order confirmation emails, and link customers directly to the GMB review page, where they will see a large blue "Write Review" button.
Find your brand name, click the reviews on your GMB profile, and copy the URL of your reviews to get the link.
As with any review platform, once ratings start to fly, you need to make sure you respond to reviews as much as possible.
This will not only help you to feel more confident with the "real person" behind the business, it will also add value to users who leave reviews, and will help you to resist the occasional negative review that comes with positive thinking. Response.
Finally, in the case of negative reviews, if you feel that the review is not justified, you can easily report it by clicking on the flag icon and following the instructions provided.
If you're worried that the review was fake, we've written a useful guide to help you find and remove fake reviews.
Tip: Has anyone on your favorite GMB given you an amazing review on another platform? Ask to access or cross-post or take a screenshot and add a photo or post to your Google My Business profile.