Top Social Media Monitoring Capabilities

Online media has become a significant asset for businesses to connect with their buyers. Social media plays an essential role in keeping the presence of a company alive. That cherishes and finds new consumers for the business. Digital marketing companies in Dubai help any company set up their social media profile and market using creative content.

New clients across the globe are running to online media platforms in record numbers and adding their voices to what the brands post on social media. Any business looking for acceleration for the trade activities and reputation can reach up to UBL digital world for establishing a social media profile.

Social media apparatuses help brands catch an abundance of quantifiable bits of knowledge on their active business. Also, they could get an idea about the mentality of their customers for further improvements. After all, the conversations between the business and customers improve the reputation among other people, otherwise future customers.

Setting up a social media profile is not enough to elevate the business. Regular posts that are tailored along with the latest trends in the industry are significant to improve the visibility of your profile and land more customers for the business. Proper monitoring is the only method to keep up with the latest trends and topics. Let's take a look at some of the prominent social media monitoring capabilities anyone has or need.

Things you need for effective social media monitoring

How consumers draw in and assess brands online is continually developing. So, it's primary for brands, organizations, and offices to tune in and comprehend customers as they share their viewpoints and service-related content on social media. The insights acquired by monitoring social media performance are a significant asset to ensuring your image well-being, finding new trends, and contacting the right customers.

Social media platforms themselves offer several tools to monitor the overall performance of a profile besides those extra tools available on the internet as extensions and applications for the same purposes. Substantial moves are essential for the well-being of the brand. Getting the hang of the potential impressions, remarks, and demographics is not an easy task.

Also, you need the capability to play out a proper put-together social media review concerning your image to set up key measurements and comprehend your overall routine. Tracking these estimations after some time shows how your image performs on the web and is a fundamental component for upcoming understanding trends and economic downtimes.

Knowing what strategies work and what does not is essential to alter how your content is shared on various platforms. You can get an overall idea of how the marketing campaigns are working out and how beneficial they are. So, at the end of the day, social media monitoring makes it easy to find the right and working strategies for paid campaigns and other marketing needs.

Your social media account managers should have the right tools to get notified with every critical change and if anything goes off track.

Major social media monitoring tools
There are lots of tools available on the internet for you to use alongside different social media applications. Each of them helps in other ways to make use of them efficiently according to your strategies. Here are some of the prominent tools you should have to try for monitoring social media.

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is one of the forerunners in calculating user demographics and social media and buyer experience examination. Social media marketers recommend it due to its effectiveness compared to other such tools. The cutting-edge backbone technology used in NetBase Quid is Artificial Intelligence for exceptional performance in researching and insight formation.

Social media analytics and the insight could be assessed in different ways using NetBase Quid. It has an advanced level of technicality to make it more efficient when calculating the demographics and trending topics in accordance with the queries, social media posts, blog data, news, and more. It offers you a compact yet complete look at the trending themes that will become valuable for your company's marketing.

Feedly article researching tool

Keeping the content and designs updated is what leads to trending. To trend among the industry, you need trending topics to pursue. Feedly is such a tool that allows you to keep up with trending topics happening around the world. It collects different trending articles from various websites in a single space. It will help you from spending a lot of time on content research.


Stories are now one of the most viewed content form on several social media sites. You have endless possibilities in creating an engaging story on Instagram, Facebook, and more. StoryHeap is a tool that can provide you with the reach and reactions happening behind every story you post through a profile.


It is a tool that goes through up to 150 million data sources to get an insight on the reach, comments, brand sentiments, and more.


For a customer confronting business, a terrible review can be a genuine blow in case it isn't managed effectively and rapidly. Reputology allows you to screen significant survey results such as reviews from Google, Facebook, and more. This way, you can get a grip on the problems that your customers are facing and make relevant changes.

Tweepsmap and Reddit Keyword monitor

There are Twitter power users who are constantly tweeting and thinking about their following tweets. Businesses can take good advantage of Tweepsmap for their profiles to know the latest trending hashtags while tweeting their content links.

Reddit is another major social media platform that has about 430 million monthly active users all around the world. The Reddit keyword monitor tool can find the topics you care about from one of the largest and constantly updated databases, including about 130,000 active communities.

The easiest method to keep your business alive on social media and monitor the brand sentiments is to hire a well-versed team with every aspect of social media. UBL digital marketing agency in Dubai has an expert team in content creating, poster designing, SEO ranking, and all other digital marketing procedures.