Top Digital Marketing Strategies you cannot Ignore in 2021

2020 and its successor has forced us to familiarize ourselves with some fresh prospects in the business and corporate world. The shifting of work culture to home environments is one of them. Another one and the one we are going to discuss is the rising demand for digital marketing. The whole marketing world migrated to online media, traditional marketing literally vaporized to none. One can confidentially say this is the era of digital marketing. The digital marketing companies in Dubai  are constantly evolving their marketing tactics to face the thriving completion among brands. Here are some of the top digital marketing strategies you simply cannot ignore in 2021 and beyond.

  1. Rise of social shopping

Social commerce or shopping through social media is the newest and boldest trend in the digital world. Facebook and Instagram have launched shops for their users recently. More and more social media platforms are upping the game in providing online shopping opportunities for their users. Social media platforms are increasingly becoming soft spots for vigorous branding and sales pitches. The social commerce trend is going to see more leaps in the coming years.

  1. Customer retention

Many digital giants like Google advise others to focus on existing customers than trying to find new ones. Customer loyalty is something that pays more in the long run and definitely something worth investing in. As Google said in its latest study on changing customer behaviour, trying to retain the existing customer base will highly benefit brands. Loyal customers are always capable of bringing more sales and improving brand awareness. Because companies have skipped the early phases of the consumer journey and have more information to work with for targeted marketing, keeping current customers satisfied is less expensive than gaining new ones.

  1. More micro influencing

2021 and the following years will definitely see a rise in the number of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are frequently relatable, and most fans have faith in them. And hence, the thoughts they express have the potential to impact the behaviors of their target audience, and this is something that most companies desire. You may interact with customers, create brand recognition, and advertise your products and services by using an influencer's status. As businesses want to include online advertising into their online marketing blend, they will respond better to micro-influencers.

  1. Yes to more videos

Video consumption is on its highest record in history and this will keep peaking in the coming years. Many online studies suggest that nearly 90% of users in any platform heavily rely on videos for content absorption. It's critical to employ a variety of video content types that are appropriate for your business, speciality, and market, and to optimize them along the consumer journey. For turning your videos more effective, make sure you market them appropriately to reflect your business and its values. You can consult social media marketing companies in Dubai to create and incorporate more videos into your branding strategies.

  1. Interactive content

Improving the experience of users in the digital platforms is the direct path to more brand building. Digital platforms must focus on creating more user friendly experiences as this will single handedly define their future. Connect with the customers by making use of interactive content. For a long time, content marketing has indeed been popular in the online realm. But, in terms of digital developments for 2021, it seems more like a best practice. Offering engaging material is a trend that is moving in the direction of customization.

  1. Update your Google listings

The greatest thing you can do to attract walk-in consumers and your website's presence if you run or own a brand is to verify and maintain updates on your local listings on different search engines accessible to you. You can keep updating the listings to improve the chance of your SEO rankings. There are a large number of agencies that offers innovative SEO services in Dubai.

  1. Developing communities

Brands and companies must invest more in building meaningful communities that can greatly benefit their marketing strategies. Companies must recognize that loyalty is returning, and brands that recognize what their consumers want and how to involve with them via openness will be the differentiators. The important thing is to have faith in the existing customer base and offer them maximum value in the ways of products and services.

  1. Voice searches

It is predicted that more and more users will be using voice-enabled searches in the coming years. The shift of daily lives to homes has created a major impact on the nature of search queries of people too. Voice searches was not an idea that received the applause it deserved due to many reasons. The high chance of inaccuracy, discrimination towards certain accents and the general awkwardness to using voice searches in public were some reasons people were not initially warm to the idea. But a recent shift in the scene suggests that more people are using voice searches for online commands. There is also increased use of voice detection in the place of traditional writing as this is ten times faster than typing.

  1. Videos on social platforms

Social videos and reels will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. Although video material is expected to be of high quality, reels deserve a special status as they don't need to be beautifully filmed or produced to attract attention. Companies and brands are looking for influencers and celebrities who can run their campaigns on platforms like TikTok. Social video platforms like TikTok are gaining more importance in the marketing space as they offer some quick ways to spread more branding messages.

  1. Personalized content

Because of the rising internet traffic in 2020, content customization has become a helpful marketing strategy. It aids you in creating efficient marketing emails, educating your customers, attracting new and recurring customers to your website, and achieving other digital objectives. digital marketing companies in Dubai spend their assets on creating the best personalized content for audiences. Personalization will also include artificial intelligence solutions that can allow more flexibility and creative results. Investing in AI solutions can help you create more attractive personalized content that can bring results.