Top Digital Marketing Services by Digital Agencies

Top Digital Marketing Services by Digital Agencies

Video Ad

In fact, people between the ages of 18 and 49 are more interested in online media platforms like YouTube than TV shows. Increasing your engagement in video marketing and making it a great place to watch video ads not only increase your click-through rate (CTR) but also increase conversions by 80%.


The video can integrate your company's message into the minds of your target audience. After three days, people will remember only 10% of the information they hear. However, if you associate the information with the video, then 65% of people remember the information.

Video ads can target demographics, online behavior, location, interests, YouTube channel, and more. Reaching out to people.

Measuring your video marketing ROI is not as straightforward as advertising promotion. In fact, measuring video ROI is the biggest barrier to the acceptance of video marketing in 44% of SMEs.

Lead generation

One of the biggest uses of video marketing is generating leads. For example, convenient explainer videos will help you get more subscriptions for your landing page.

Path tracks

You can also track the amount of traffic your videos receive to your website and landing page by adding UTM parameters to your videos for tracking on Google Analytics. So, if you run different ads that link to your videos, you can include a different UTM parameter in each link to track how many people are coming from each traffic source.

Track revenue

It's very difficult to track revenue from video marketing. One way to do this is to compare the revenue that products generated after adding the video and before adding the video to the product page. Agencies may have different ways of measuring your ROI, but the most important thing is to focus on the numbers that affect your base, not just the number of "likes" you receive.

Mobile Marketing

50% of searches on mobile devices also lead to purchases. When that search is related to a local business, this number is higher: 78% of mobile local searches lead to offline purchases, indicating a higher intent to purchase search terms. Agencies also often have open castings that you can attend to be selected. They may focus on YouTube mobile ads and in-app content

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the fuel that has generated millions of dollars in business. Most companies think that content creation means writing a few blog posts every week and placing them on a website. But those who care more about sales than vanity metrics understand that it's more complicated than that. The services offered by agencies in content marketing include creating blog posts, creating infographics, writing SEO, content analysis and social media promotion.

Email Marketing

With the advent of all new social networks, email generates the largest return on investment for marketers. In fact, for every dollar spent, email marketing generates a reward of $ 38.

Email audience is larger than any other social network. In fact, according to Kismetrics, email contains three times the number of accounts integrated with Twitter and Facebook.



Additionally, customer behavior around email differs from other platforms. Businessmen use email to have private, face-to-face conversations with colleagues and strangers. It's unlikely that the same people would turn to Facebook for similar conversations.

This is what makes email a medium for transactions. People expect great offers, deals, and emails and they expect to be able to purchase goods via email. However, on a site like Facebook, users can only chat with their friends and see what everyone else is doing. They are in a different state of mind. Agencies may offer services such as list building and interacting with your list so that refrigeration or splitting sequence optimization does not occur.

Conversion rate optimization

At the end of the day, there's an important factor that determines whether or not your website is getting sales - that is, the action your visitors want you to take. This means you need to have the right UX website, template design, and other elements to increase lead generation and conversions.

The agency's services in this area may include transition path analysis, preparing a CRO goal, defining a conversion metric, or collecting data from website visitors.

Digital marketing agencies offer a variety of services. You can get SEO help, so raise your search rankings, and get paid traffic support so that you don't waste your money trying things that don't work, or do nothing else about marketing.

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The important thing to keep in mind when hiring a digital marketing agency is how much they focus on your ROI and how to measure it. At the end of the day, this is what matters when running a business.