Top 7 Tips to Optimize your Google my Business Listing

1.Use GMB messages

Users who access the GMB list via search can make a phone call directly from your information card, but did you know that you can now send a message directly? Messaging is a great way to communicate with potential clients, care for leads, and show the best quality of customer service. With text messaging systems now commonly used now to license customers, people want to send a quick message to businesses and wait for a response rather than needing a phone call.

Getting started with GMB messages is easy - just go to the Google Play or App Store and download the Google My Business app. Log in to the app with GMB login information and follow the instructions provided to start texting. You can set the auto-reply message people will receive after sending a message for the first time and wait for your response. It is also worth noting that, like requiring a business phone call, the message option is only available for users browsing from a mobile device.

Messaging is a very useful tool for companies that receive a lot of customer inquiries, however, it can be difficult to manage if a lot of people start texting at the same time! However, multiple users can log into the app, so if you have a customer service team, you can set them up with the GMB app ready to respond to any messages that come.
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2. Installing the GMB messaging app has added benefits

If push notifications are enabled, you will be notified when someone asks a question or leaves a review on your listing, so you can respond in a timely manner and ensure the best customer experience.

Tip:Although these additional tips may not be as effective as the rest of your Google My Business profile optimization to support your local search campaigns, they are useful for newcomers familiar with staying away from a later date.

3. Keep your profile up to date

Google My Business is closely related to Googles local search algorithm. So you cant treat it as a forgotten and attributed list.

Keep your profile current and up to date by setting up regular reminders to verify the accuracy of the information. If your website, email, logo, phone number, or something else has changed, make sure the change is reflected in the GMB list as well. Even the slightest difference between the contact information and the address in your GMB profile may affect your ability to find it when compared to your website and other listings across the web.

Tip: Google My Business will ask you to add private hours to display it on the GMB board during holidays, at certain times, for example, Easter or Christmas seasons.

4. GOOGLE track visits from my business to your website

If you have no way to track whether your efforts have contributed to achieving your business goals, there is no point in including all of this work in creating a beautifully optimized list. You need a way to separate your website visitors from the Google My Business listing!

Like most business owners, Google Analytics uses to track the dimensions associated with your website, which is very simple. All you need to do is add the URL tracking parameters at the end of your website URL in the GMB dashboard.

Now when you check your traffic reports on Google Analytics, your Google My Business profile will display your website as GMB / Free for anyone visiting, allowing you to tag them but include them in organic traffic reports.

5. Keep an eye out for suggested changes to your profile

Many business owners and GMB managers don't really understand that anyone can suggest an amendment to the information provided on your profile. Yes, it involves loyal local competitors.

When someone appears in the Google My Business list, it is easy to find the "Suggest Edit" button. Once opened, they can make some pretty big adjustments or even suggest that your work is done!

Worst of all, these are called suggested adjustments, but any changes you make will likely be made without your knowledge. GMB will send you an email notification whenever something like this happens, but make sure to allocate ten minutes from time to time to bypass your list once and for all.

Tip: This is completely inconsistent with the "Frequently Asked Questions" answer on the GMB board. This is a way from Google to build broader knowledge of your business entity to support comprehensive support for local search queries.

6. Don't forget Bing

Bing has its own version of GMB, also known as Bing Places for Business. Bing Places has features similar to GMB, allowing you to control your business reputation and local search model via the Bing search engine.

Somewhere, almost 10% of searches are still done by Bing (higher for the elderly), which is definitely worth entering into Bing places as well.

Tip: Bing loves to pull additional information about businesses on his info cards from other sources, like Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Yale instead of Google. Make sure to update your business profiles on these platforms with great reviews, photos, and content in the same way that your GMB profile has been optimized!

7. What is the next step for my work?

I hope you now have ideas and inspiration to start updating and improving your GMB profile. As Google continues to develop and integrate multiple aspects of it into a centralized search experience, you should expect Google to begin rolling out several additional features to the My Business List.