Top 10 Email Marketing Tips With Great Effect in 2020

A new contract started, and e-commerce email marketing is here to embrace it. More than 70 percent of people think that email will remain relevant within 10 years.

As an e-commerce marketer, what adjustments do you need to make to meet the increased expectations of your customers?

If you are looking for simple ways to give fresh impetus to your ecommerce email marketing, you've come to the right place. We've included  top tips that are effective enough to implement today.

Follow these tips step-by-step, or choose tips that seem absolutely essential to your business now.

1. Check and clean the subscriber's list

The basis of email marketing is the list of subscribers to your email - this includes everyone who registered for your newsletter. If you have been marketing email for a long time, your list may need some cleaning from time to time.

Here's the hard truth - it's better to have a few busy subscribers than many who don't open your emails.

Here's what you can do: Create a class of people who haven't opened any of your emails in the past 6 months. Send them a reactivation campaign (or re-share) with a strong subject line and engaging offers. Or ask directly if they want to remain on the subscriber list. If it is still not open, remove it from the list.


This method will also help remove invalid email addresses from your list. Remember - once your email list is updated, your spam messages are less likely to be detected in spam filters.

2. Review your previous engagement data

This advice is necessary but is often overlooked. If you want to improve your email marketing results for e-commerce, it is necessary to check your previous data and evaluate the best and worst email campaigns you have sent.

First, study your open CTR statistics. If your opening rates are great but they don't have click rates, ask yourself if you are sending related emails to your audience.

Other causes for idle campaigns:

  • The related offer was not attractive enough
  • You send them at the wrong time
  • You need to adjust the way you communicate with this slide

 email platform also allows you to check advanced data, such as average click rates, clickthrough rate, list growth, and activity. You can see the devices and email providers that subscribers use and where they are.

Finally, start adding a tracking code to your email marketing campaigns (if you haven't already done so). If you use Google Analytics, the tracking code will help you see in your reports that email campaigns attract most customers and increase the highest eCommerce conversion rates.

3. Division of emails based on customer behavior

The future of e-commerce marketing via e-mail is automated (still personal). In other words - smart marketers will not send all emails of the same size, but they can categorize subscribers by:

  • Purchase history
  • Demography (age and gender)
  • Interests (browsing history on your website)
  • Any other data related to your business

So, if two people visit your online store at the same time on the same day and browse or purchase different items, they will get totally different follow-up messages from you. For example, send an original shipping voucher to the person who left their cart and gave a unique discount to the customer who did not visit your store in a short time.

4. Use creative ways to grow your subscriber list

Expanding your subscriber's list is good on any day of the week. But remember, quality is just as important as quality. In other words, make sure to bring in new subscribers in a relevant way that attracts potential buyers (and not just random site visitors).

Here are some new ideas for growing your email list:

Create content updates for your best blog articles. For example, create a design guide or an e-book on the topic of the article. Give your readers the opportunity to download it instead of subscribing to their newsletter.

Set up a landing page to attract subscribers to the newsletter. For example, invite potential customers to sign up for your rewards program. List the major accomplishments and ask users to create a number.

Viral Gift Launch - Quiz encourages people to increase their chances of winning an award by sharing the contest on social media or by subscribing to your newsletter. When people give a gift, they will share their email with you, helping to grow your mailing list and creating a buzz around your brand on social media.

5. Write the subject lines to be converted

Writing a good subject line may seem like an easy task, but why not:

Email must contain a maximum of 50 characters (since most emails are open on a mobile phone), attract enough to encourage opening, and spam filters are not defamation as suspicious.

A good subject line upsets the recipient with irresistible curiosity or excitement. Not sure where to start? Try these open tips more:

  • Add the recipient's name
  • Let's say it's reserved for an exclusive deal/recipient
  • Add a symbol or emoji to highlight your email
  • Include urgent and functional words, such as "today only", "last minute", "hot offer", "open now", etc.
  • Include a question or an ellipse

6. Use the preview text to your advantage

Preview text, also known as Advance Title, is often ignored as part of email marketing. But using it correctly will motivate more customers to open and read your messages.

Pre-title is the text that appears in most email inboxes after the sender and subject line; It is an introduction to the content of the message. If you do not create this text yourself, the first text of the email will be used as a preview.

Make it funny, informative, or motivating - don't leave it alone, as this will be an opportunity to address your busy subscribers (before deciding whether or not to open your email). In these examples, the preview text expands the subject line or acts as another "hook" to open the message:

7. Create a call to action inevitable

Well, your customer opened your email - what do we do now? According to the study, you have about 11 seconds to get their attention. In email marketing for ecommerce, all of this relates to shift-centric design. Therefore, the call to action (CTA) cannot be made very visible or apparent.

Some tips for improving your connection:

  • Use the button to select this
  • Make the text short and brief
  • Use immediate functional methods like shopping now, buy now, get a deal, and save up to 40%
  • If your email is too long, use several call-to-action phrases

After clicking on the CTA button copy, the reader should match the drop zone. For example, a call to action message titled "Shop Sale Now" will direct you to the sales offer page, not your new arrival or home page...

8. Send your emails on time

Finding the right time to send emails is hard work, especially if your audience is diverse and/or international. First, you need to rely on your past link data. Analyze more openings, clicks, and transitions to make sure something else like the strong subject line hasn't produced better results.

When you have a better understanding of how subscribers use emails or when they want to shop, you can optimize your campaigns and choose the best time to send.

Note: Several studies claim to have found the best time to study (for example 10 or 1 am on weekdays). However, every audience is different, and reliance on group data can be dangerous. Instead, try to think like your customer - if the buyer's personality is an office employee who has nine to five jobs, it is a good idea to send them emails at ideal business hours or during lunch. Ask yourself - when do you want to open the email if you are in their place?

9. A / B Check your emails

The A / B Segmentation Test can help you find the best suited for e-commerce email marketing campaigns. You can practically experiment with anything from sending the time and subject line to the position and color of the CTA button.

Mileage has the advantage of integrated A / B testing. With this tool, you need to set the size of the test group (for example, 5% of subscribers for each version of the test), and the winning copy will be automatically sent to the remaining 90% of the subscribers.

Note: Each customer category varies, so test results do not apply to the entire database. If you want to know exactly what works and what doesn't work, make an A / B test usually.

10. Allocate transaction emails

Transaction emails are not of a promotional nature and carry important information such as registration or purchase confirmation, status updates and shipping notices. However, if done correctly, transactional emails can become a powerful way to represent the brand's voice, design, and personality.

The open prices for transaction emails are very high as customers want to see confirmation of purchase or track their orders. So more and more callers are realizing the brand-building potential of this communication channel.

Some ideas for branding emails:

  • Add links to your blog or social media profiles
  • Include exclusive deals for future purchases
  • How to add videos or user guides for purchased products
  • Recommend other products based on seasonality and purchase date
  • Show off your brand's design and sound