Tips for improving your localisation strategy using SEO in Middle East

The increased usage of the internet and mobile devices in middle has given a boost to digital promotions and online marketing services. It also inevitably leads to the growth of digital marketing agencies in these regions. Digital marketers and businesses are devising new techniques to improve their brand identity and reach more potential customers through online marketing activities. Many corporate players in the Middle East are resorting to content localization strategies to get themselves ahead in the marketing game. The localization strategy helps them get an advantage in receiving more internet exposure which can lead to valuable sales conversion. As one of the leading digital marketing and SEO experts in Dubai, we recommend you develop a good localisation strategy to advance your market ascension.  

Why content should be localised 

A strong localisation strategy help brands fast pace their growth in the digital world. Successful localization strategies can take your business in the Middle East a long way ahead. One reason for this is because the Middle East owns peculiar and heavy cultural tastes which set them apart from the rest of the world. These rich cultural phenomena can be leveraged by brands to make them appear like one of the herds in the Dubai markets.

When an MNC is investing in localisation strategies, that means every piece of media content they create and share are transformed corresponding to the language, culture and lifestyle of the region they try to market in. localisation adapts the content like texts and images so that they fit into the cultural variations of the middle east. This is done with an intention to attract local customers who are otherwise hard to reach. Simply translating the website content into a local language can cause more trouble than advantages. If the translation is done without local expertise, content that is accidentally offensive may creep up. Content localisation takes care of this problem. 

What is a localisation strategy?

A localisation strategy refers to your game plan to create and distribute content that the local customers can identify y with and are familiar with. This will help your business to give off an impression that they are aware of their consumers. Carefully localised content will heed to the cultural nuances that can help reach customers faster and more effectively. Intelligent execution of a localisation strategy will give you an upper hand in the local market among your competitors. 

Tips to improve your localisation strategy

With the roaring surge of digital marketing and online promotional means, old localisation strategies no longer provide you a tactical plan. You must always have the assistance of leading SEO experts in Dubai to come up with the best plan that suits your brand needs.
 Here are some content localisation techniques that will help you win the local market.

Tip 1: Study your target audience

The Middle East comprises of a largely varying population of different social statuses and tastes. What works for the upper class may not be suitable for the working class. When looking to expand your business in the Middle East the first thing you should give priority to is your local customers. Get to know your customers and then avail the help of a native linguist who can help you with localising the content.

Tip 2: Develop an SEO strategy. 

Seek the help of the best SEO excerpts in Dubai to form a foolproof SEO strategy that can help your content get localised. The Arabic consumers have some very unique cultural preferences. You need the expertise of good SEO specialists to study their online search habits and base the SEO on this information. Cultural and linguistic awareness are supremely necessary when creating the initial SEO plan. You must divide your Arabic consumers into different demographics and optimize your content for each. Before starting the Arabic localisation, spend sufficient time learning and observing your key competitors- the ones who have already established a ground SEO framework in the targeted market.

Tip 3:  Develop consistency

While localising, make sure that your tone is not all over the pale. Maintain a fixed tone for all content localisations - in your website, social media, and everywhere you put your name in. the localisation biomes effective and most importantly high quality only if you maintain a consistent behaviour.
Tip 4: Localisation of imagery

Visuals, graphics, and images are more important than text translations. Wrong imagery can turn out offensive and discriminatory in some regions. So pay attention to what you are showing your target audience. This tip is even more pertinent to the Arabic customer as they won’t respond well to the marketing imageries that offend their cultural and religious beliefs.

Tip 5: Employ local experts

Localisation can never be done without the help of local translators or someone who belongs to the region in focus. Top digital marketing companies in Dubai employ such local experts to help them with the localisation process. You need someone who understands things like the local slang and who can create relevant messages that resonate with the popular culture.

Tip 6: Fit in with the community

Customers from any part of the world tend to follow a brand they trust it. A completely foreign brand and products may be viewed with skepticism while a brand that understands them may quickly gain popularity. Your localisation efforts must always be supported with a consistent presence until you build trust among your customers. It is important to keep tag of the local events and festivals as these are a great way of fitting into the community. The best digital marketing agencies in Dubai can ensure your brand presence in the local market.

Wrapping up

Working with a localisation strategy can give you many benefits in the Middle East markets. Localisation does not mean and is never limited to website translation. As the competitions keep hitting the roof, a certified and experienced digital marketing agency in Dubai can lead your localisation strategies to make your brand a familiar name among local customers