The latest google algorithm updates and its impacts

Google algorithm update is always a much-awaited event for the Digital marketing world, as it can make a great impact on the website ranking and search engine result page. 

Earlier, Google only made a few updates to its algorithms. Now Google is making thousands of changes every year, the majority of these updates are so slight, but there are some updates that can have a drastic impact on search engine result pages. As a seo company in Dubai we like to share with you the main changes google has made on it’s algorithm.

September 2022 Core Algorithm

Google declares that the September 2022 core algorithm change rollout is now complete.The September 2022 core upgrade took two weeks to fully go live after it was launched on September 12, just three days after Google's Helpful Content Update had finished rolling out.


After the core algorithm change in May 2022, this is the second core update of the year. The SEO community asserts that although this upgrade went live quite quickly, it had a smaller impact than the prior core improvements. Even though this upgrade hasn't had a significant impact, some sites might be impacted following this core update.

If your website is among them, all you need to do is pay closer attention to what Google has to say about its major improvements and make the necessary adjustments to your website. Given that the guidance is direct from the source, it will essentially assist you in recovering your website.


September 2022 Product Review Update


This was the year's second and fifth overall Product Reviews Update. Although Google generally avoids overlapping algorithm upgrades, the September 2022 Core Version was implemented prior to the release of this update. Its goal was to recognize and honor English-language customer reviews for their value to online users.


October 2022 Spam update


The most recent upgrades to Google's technologies for identifying search spam have been released. Whether this upgrade was targeted at links, content, or other types of spam was not made clear by Google. Every language was affected by this worldwide upgrade. The whole rollout should take around a week.


Helpful Content Update


On August 18, Google unveiled information about its new helpful content update, a site-wide signal that favors articles that educate or assist readers over those written purely for search engine optimization purposes. It started rolling out on August 25 and was finished on September 9—15 days later.


In order to make sure you are creating content with humans in mind, Google has offered a list of 15 questions to ask about your content evaluations. Additionally, it stated that online educational materials, arts and entertainment, retail, and tech-related content could all be most negatively impacted. However, only a few website categories really felt the impact (e.g., ringtones, coding, lyrics). Overall, it had a minimal effect.



Since the effects of Google core updates are often unknown, one thing you can do is track the SERP history for the keywords you are targeting. Once the update happens, you can check which of your competitors have moved up or down in rankings and make an educated guess about the contributing factors.


It’s crucial for every website and digital marketing company to stay updated with google algorithm changes. Otherwise, the chance for your website to rank low is higher. So always try to entrust your website and digital marketing with a company that always stays tuned with the latest update. We are the best digital marketing company in dubai offering the best SEO service with professional SEO experts.