The Best Digital Marketing Tools on the Web

New advertisers can be one million at a time. If we digest data or optimise our media participation, based on the best digital marketing platforms saves time and keeps us safe. We have also prepared a list of resources that are deserving of advertisers of all types and sizes.

Overall, there is no equivalent formation of two marketing teams.

It does not matter whether you belong to a small team or are searching for company-level digital marketing resources, you have everything covered in this all-inclusive list. Most digital marketing companies use these tools for better performance.


Hootsuite is a social media management application for companies that helps consumers to keep posts on different channels and plan content on social media. This tool will help you monitor your social media marketing output, quantify conversions, ROI and monitor public talks about your brands, products and services. Hootsuite provides a limited free membership and a free technical membership trial period of 30 days.

Google analytics

For someone in digital marketing, Google Analytics is a need-to-have. On the face of it, this tool might look a lot advanced, but you could get a lot of insights into how your clients interact with your website if you're using it to its full potential. We suggest that you study the Google Analytics Academy if you want to improve your knowledge of Google Analytics. This is an assembly of free courses that enable you to know more about the web so that by typing or pasting something here, you could utilize this to its full advantage and then push the Paraphrase button. The Digital Marketing agency in Dubai uses these tools for driving more traffic.


Canva is an outstanding platform for making quality visuals. You could utilize this app to construct social videos, CTA buttons and free infographics regardless of your knowledge. Canva provides a wide variety of models, clip art and fonts for your project to be customizable. This is the ultimate option for those without access to specialised design tools such as Photoshop or InDesign.


Over 250 billion emails sent by its clients last year, MailChimp is a major email marketer in the region. MailChimp's elegance is the changing price tag and accessibility of the app depending on the size of the email list. Their strategy is especially useful for minor marketers searching for exposure to email marketing. MailChimp provides a perfect baseline whether you are new to digital media platforms or email in particular.


Unbounce is an excellent platform to create, modify and release fresh landing pages easily. The simple way to use the app to build brand new pages is one of the most glorious functions of Unbounce. You can use such models as a starting stage even though you're not enough of a developer, and modify them to suit your taste.


For anything, inbound HubSpot is an effective tool. For email marketing, blogging, social networking, and creation of landing pages HubSpot may also be used. Within each dashboard, you could also watch essential KPIs. HubSpot Academy has a wide set of qualification courses that give you practical knowledge for improving your marketing campaign, whether you are interested in learning about inbound marketing.


BuzzSumo is a platform for the study and surveillance of developments on particular topics. This tool will help you produce ideas for blogs or social media, develop high-impact content, track the progress of your brand and recognise influencers with whom you can intend to partner. Although BuzzSumo is a paying tool for subscribing, you can register until you commit to a subscription for a free 7-day trial.


Kissmetrics provides analytical tools which help you boost your whole website conversions. The platform records all the transition process of the site users and provides you information on each section of the funnel. Most SEO specialists are aware of these tools.