How to make use of social media in the healthcare industry of UAE

Social media has become an absolute necessity in all areas of life- the healthcare industry in Dubai is no different. Social media platforms are an outstanding means of enhancing the bridge between medical services and people in need of it. Online communication in healthcare opens a world of opportunities ranging from availing simple advice on diagnosis to bringing emergency medical support to a patient. Social media engagement can be immensely beneficial to the Dubai healthcare sector if it is utilized properly. Social media marketing agencies in Dubai help hospitals and health care professionals to reach their audience through online channels.


Benefits of social media in UAE healthcare industry

Prevents false information

In light of current Covid crisis, the internet is filled with misinformation circulating in every corner. Misinformation regarding health and medical care can be dangerous if not checked properly. Healthcare professionals in Dubai can play an active role in social networks to spread fact-based, useful information.  Experts can debunk false statements by producing recent statements from credible sources. Misinformation in the name of reputed institutions or people can also be prevented if said institutions improve their engagement in social media platforms like Facebook. Many institutions and individuals in the medical care field of Dubai are getting increasingly active in social media by making use of social media marketing agencies in Dubai.

Emergency medical help

It will be hard to bring emergency medical assistance to people living in rural areas or places where it is geographically difficult to reach. The lack of good hospitals in nearby areas can also be a major concern. Posting and sharing news of people who are in a medical emergency can help them avail hep from unlikely sources that are far out of reach otherwise. More people are informed about it, more likely help can be received.

Improve communication

More than 80% of people seek the help of Google searches for a free diagnosis regarding illness. Hospitals can make themselves a valuable communication partner by offering advice, support, and information to people who need it. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a plethora of channels for easy communication. Getting direct access to hospitals without having to visit, saves the time and effort of both patients and hospitals.

Brand awareness

Hospitals can improve their online presence with the help of digital marketing companies in Dubai. Digital marketing services like social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Google ads services in Dubai, etc. can improve the brand identity of Dubai healthcare institutions on the internet.

Role of social media platforms

Each social media platform offers different tools for creating and spreading content.

Facebook: With the largest number of active users, Facebook allows you to reach your target audience faster than any other medium. Facebook allows easy engagement and brand awareness at a low budget and a good reach

Twitter: Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for Dubai users, allowing sharing experiences and sending messages to the masses.

Instagram: Instagram offers freedom of visual content like no other.  Instagram is also the most used social media among youngsters promising more bustle.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the least explored social media where you can reach specific audience of a particular niche easily. LinkedIn can be made good use of as a stage for unifying various healthcare sectors and units in Dubai.