How the coming Google core update updates will influence different investments

On Dec. 3, Google started pushing out the December 2020 key update. Early evidence appears to suggest the launch was mainly felt the next day but as Google has mentioned it may involve up to a couple of weeks to completely carry out. Depending on what we have observed so far this update is a very large update, much probably bigger than the one seven-months back, the May 2020 core update — but that one was very significant.

Changes to Google's algorithms do not impact any industry equally. For eg, copying heavy sites such as news stations could be unpredictable with news releases and repeated material lost its relevance. However, the number of news media has risen and SERP assessments have almost never decreased. The pandemic and election year could be attributable. In this digital age, further, than anything, people browse and view the news. The update from May 2020 was huge, the December update saw more improvements in certain places than the May update. Through the seo services in uae, you can enter into the digital world.

Upcoming e-commerce trends

Shopify unpacked the major developments that will affect trading conditions in 2021 and beyond in a recent study released this week.

Significant projections include:


  • The shopping world is rocked by young buyers.
  • Physical retail is now developing with a focus on contactless payments, shopping and pick-up services.
  • Significant funding for independent brands and retailers.
  • Customers are opting for more sustainable conscious materials.
  • The banking, economic, and financial markets have been disrupted.

Changing youtube premieres

YouTube also revealed further ways to produce new content by using the Premieres tool. The prospect of making previews for YouTube Premiers is the most promising update because creatives will give their fans an indication of what the latest knowledge would be like.


A latest live redirect method would allow live previews to be hosted by channels before their Premieres footage. Following the demo, audiences would immediately be carried to the Premiere video.

Finally, YouTube provided producers with new opportunities for Premiere video countdowns and Premieres from their phones in the preparation process.


The main upgrade is still being introduced. However in the traditional fields of E-A-T and content – song, fitness, financing, news and e-commerce, we still have some distinct changes in rankings. Interestingly, some Can winners and losers benefit or lose recognition from the last core update, but just some of them. Spotify and Twitch have not shown any signs of recovery so far which experienced great losses in the new upgrade. But Google may carefully release the update for checking the results in multiple iterations. Or the effect of the change on the holiday season could also be smaller than other updates. We'll hear more in 1 or 2 weeks. Through our SEO services in Dubai, you can easily understand the updates and work accordingly.

SEO Group

In both online chat sites and social media about this update, there is no shortage of discussions within the SEO group. Some people believed over 40 per cent of Google's organic traffic was missing, while others did so well. We also found some reports that Google's traffic grows by more than 150%.


Google has offered tips about what to think if a key upgrade in the past has adversely affected you. There are no clear steps to restore, and a negative effect on the pages does not mean that something is wrong. But Google has provided you with a list of questions if a key update is made to your website. Google said you might see some restore between core updates but after another core update, you will see the greatest boost. Many digital marketing company in UAE is looking forward to the latest update.