How social media influences consumer buying behaviour

It would not be an exaggeration if we said that social media has changed our life for good. As the number of people and the amount of time they spend on social media has increased, social media now acts as a powerful cause of influence in most of our lives. The rise of social media marketing companies in Dubai is good evidence for this development. Studies show that consumers who are influenced by social media are three times more likely to buy a product. The rise of ecommerce websites and online shopping has supported this trend of buying behaviour too.

How can social media influence people’s buying behaviour? Does online marketing guarantees more results than traditional marketing techniques? Let’s see.

The power of social proof

Social proof acts as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to buying decisions. It’s a psychological fact that most people have a tendency to imitate other people- either because of evolutionary needs or a simple desire to fit in. Anyway, this customer behaviour of convincing themselves of something because others are doing it, is widely exploited by online marketing channels. The likes, shares, comments and testimonials from customers who have already purchased the product are a major driver for others to buy. Facebook promotion companies in Dubai bank on this trend to increase a brand’s online identity.

Testimonials, reviews and case studies can boost a products sales probability. Many brands are therefore investing on a social media space where they can share comments, tweets, reviews etc. from their satisfied customers. This helps them nurture brand awareness and persuade more customers to trust their brand. Digital marketing companies in Dubai like UBL helps their client to strengthen brand identity through creating more channels to spread the stories from happy customers.


How powerful is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing has grown more powerful in the last decade. With a loyal audience, many powerful social media influencers hold greater power in inspiring customer buying decisions. Social media influencers put forward a touch of authenticity and relation which makes the audience trust them. Micro-influencers who are specialised in one particular niche have more say in this as they are considered to be experts in their specific fields. Many brands have realised this potential of social media influencing and have started to invest in influencer marketers like bloggers, vloggers, tiktokers, Instagram celebrities etc. Many social media marketing companies in Dubai has started to collaborate with powerful social media influencers to help in the online promotion of businesses.

Product awareness a key in buying decisions

Social media is a huge factor in building product or brand awareness. Social media platforms offer large space for brands to create a steady online presence and increase their brand identity. The content that is distributed across social media platforms is a great way of letting people know about your product.

Online promotion companies in UAE, like UBL, help you gain control over consumer behavior through various digital marketing and social media promotion strategies.