How social media influence your SEO rankings

Can social media directly affect your SEO rankings? If you ask this question to SEO gurus, the answer would be no, not directly. But there are ways in which your social media activities can improve brand exposure and influence the search engine optimisation of your website. As the best digital marketing company in Dubai, UBL digital world has been making use of social media analytics to encourage SEO efforts. Let us take a look at the ways social media contribute to SEO efforts and ranking.

  1. Content

You must share material on your social media channels if you want to use social media to improve your SEO. The most effective technique to increase traffic to your website is through content.

Focus on quality over quantity when creating content. Your audience must find value in your material in order to be interested in it. Your audience will not be engaged on your page if you post a lot of low-quality content. One of the best locations to share content is on social media. When you share your content with others, you increase your chances of receiving backlinks to your website. Backlinks are links pointing to your page from other authoritative websites.

  1. Chance of getting indexed

The appropriate kind of social media material, shared on a regular basis, may make a big difference in your total content marketing strategy. It must be relevant enough for individuals looking for comparable information to find it. You can seek the help of top SEO services in Dubai to create relevant social media material.

Things get even better when you learn that search engine spiders can explore and index your social network posts.

  1. More followers

Start by enhancing your social media presence if you want to help your SEO effort. Growing your social media profiles' followers is a terrific strategy to improve them. More people will be able to read your content if you have more followers on your social media profiles. Take the effort to present your brand to your audience on a regular basis.  You should get your followers engaged by posting interesting material. When your material is engaging, your audience is more inclined to share it on their own social media accounts, allowing more people to discover it.

  1. Easy sharing

Reaching out to a larger audience can help you raise brand awareness and create leads. By assisting others in sharing relevant or valuable content, you can expand your message's reach and increase brand awareness. Make your content more interesting, entertaining, and useful to your intended audience. You can make use of compelling headlines, attractive images and videos and relevant data to make your content worthy of sharing.

  1. Engaging with audience

To establish a positive reputation for your company, you must engage with your audience. You will establish a personal connection with your audience if you engage with them. They will have a stronger sense of attachment to your company. Companies providing SEO services in Dubai spend a lot of time effectively engaging with their audience.

  1. Power of visuals

Visuals are an important part of any marketing campaign. They're fantastic content marketing tools because they aid in the development of your brand's tone. Including photographs in your blog and social media posts is also the most effective technique to communicate information. If you optimise your pictures properly, they can help you improve your SEO campaign.

  1. Brand awareness

People may choose your company over your competitions if they are familiar with your brand. You put your brand in front of your audience when you post on social media. It's better for your business if you post frequently so that your audience is exposed to your brand on a regular basis. When users search for branded terms, your site ranks higher for non-branded terms. You may improve your company's search engine presence by promoting your brand on social media networks.

Tips for using social media to boost your SEO

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags assist in attracting interested visitors to your social media pages. You can attract more audience who are interested in your brand by employing hashtags in your social media posts. When users are looking for information on a particular subject, they will look for hashtags to find postings on that subject. You'll attract more interested leads who read your content and visit your site if you include hashtags in your postings.

  1. Study your audience

The type of content you should create is determined by your audience's behaviour. Some content may not be engaging for your readers, while others may receive a lot of attention. It's critical to keep an eye on your audience's behaviour to identify which content piques their interest. Another way to do this is building relationships with your audience. They also assist you in gaining a better understanding of your target buyer, their needs, and the problems they are trying to solve.

  1. Active engagement

It becomes easier for your audience to engage with you when they sense that you are interested in their problems. Social media is the perfect venue to have these kinds of conversations. Social groups, forums, and marketing profiles are all places where you can interact with them. In order to learn how and what they believe about your brand, ask pertinent questions. You can also conduct polls and respond to their feedback. This way, you will see an increase in interaction, more followers, and other social media signals that Google considers when ranking your website.

  1. Analyse your social media performance

You can't be confident you'll be successful unless you track your marketing KPIs. As a result, determine your social media marketing objectives and assess them properly. It aids in the expansion of your social media presence as well as the improvement of your SEO. The top companies the provide SEO services in UAE make use of the latest tools to study your social media metrics.

You must determine whether your social media marketing efforts are yielding beneficial results.


Best social media websites for SEO

  1. Facebook

 You can share links to blogs, movies, and infographics on Facebook. Facebook links can be crawled by Google. This means that if you link to Facebook content, Google will look into it and index it. If the link is shared on numerous pages, this is extremely useful.

  1. Linkedin

For B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for generating leads. sing LinkedIn is perfect for SEO because it will assist you in being found in search results. The LinkedIn search algorithm may drive you to the top of SERPs if you use the proper keywords naturally in your profile and strategically incorporate relevant search terms inside your content, including the headings.

  1. Twitter

On Twitter, hashtags are commonly used. While you can use them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are where they're most popular. Twitter allows you to share your posts with a larger audience. Make sure you only offer high-quality material that interests Twitter users if you want your tweets to gain traction. To attract users and boost attention to your blog, tweet your links regularly.

  1. Youtube

Your audience is becoming increasingly receptive to video material. Your target audience wants to watch videos in order to learn something useful. Videos are also an excellent way to increase organic traffic.


As you can see, social media indeed impact SEO. You can optimise your social media efforts indirectly so as to gain a lead in SERPs. You can enjoy the best SEO services in Dubai from leading digital marketing companies like UBL digital world.