How can digital marketing agencies help your business

By hiring your own marketing agency you can spend your time and energy running your business, gaining more investors, deals, new partnerships and developing a long-term vision. For example, you do not have to worry about growing your marketing department, hiring new marketing staff, or losing money from bad employees.

Assuming you hire an agency at a reasonable price for two maids, depending on what you're looking for, you'll be able to access a team of experts with a variety of skills and features for the price you'd normally pay for one or two in the middle. Standard full-time employees.

Let's now talk about the services provided by digital marketing agencies and what you can expect when hiring them.

Digital Marketing Agencies - SEO Services

72% of people turn to Google when they need something. Ranking your business website high in search is not only about creating 'brand awareness' or gaining more page views, the goal of SEO is to deliver the right kind of content at the right time to customers who want to buy.

Let's take a look at how digital marketing agencies can help you boost your SEO

Infrastructure analysis.

When it comes to your site's infrastructure, search engines provide information on what to look for when crawling a site. There are several technical requirements that you must meet in order to get the best rank possible on Google or any other search engine.

Cookie verification link.

SEO audits help you understand the source of backlinks and the types of sites that are likely to link to your content. This way, you can improve the quality of your links and double the number of well-functioning links.

User experience assessment.

The most surprisingly overlooked component of SEO is user experience evaluation. Search engines have recently focused on the site's user experience when prioritizing ratings, so it is important to have a good layout to make it easier for users to take actions.

SEO campaign management.

An effective SEO campaign isn't about getting secular backlinks or keywords for your post, but it's about creating content that is useful for your target audience and helping them navigate the conversion path.

An effective SEO campaign is not just about getting backlinks or keywords for your post, it's about creating content that is useful to your target audience and helping to navigate users to the conversion path.

Determine broken link and phonetics

To increase the number of backlinks you can find broken links and reach site owners. It will take effect soon.

Before hiring an SEO agency

It's important to find out if they know how to properly evaluate your ROI. Here is a general To increase the number of backlinks you can find broken links and reach site owners. It will take effect soon method for calculating the ROI from an SEO campaign:

Expected return on investment = expected income from SEO efforts - Cost of a specific SEO project / Cost of a specific SEO project.

Suppose you run an e-commerce site. The expected ROI can be calculated based on the average monthly visits to your site, the average website conversion rate, and the average order value.

For example, assume your average monthly traffic is 50,000, your conversion rate is 0.68% and your average purchase order value is 6,176. Your agency tells you that you will have to spend $ 20,000 for your SEO project.

From there, you can determine the "break-even" point. This is the stage of generating a positive ROI from your agency, which can determine the project cost / average order value. While the projected cost is $ 20,000 and the average order value is $ 176, the breakeven point is 114 sales.

You can also restrict the additional traffic needed to offset the number of requests required to offset ecommerce conversion rates. So, if you need 114 downtime requests, and your conversion rate is 0.68%, you need 16,765 visits to your site.

Of course, it's just a draw. To see a significant ROI from the campaign, you as a customer may want to see at least twice as many results. So the ideal number of visits should be more than 32,000.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

This is just an example of how to calculate the expected ROI for a marketing campaign, so you know exactly what results to expect from your marketing agency.