How are your Digital marketing struggles going to be affected by the December Google updates

For its impregnable alerts, Google is renowned. It releases the latest algorithm, and as digital marketers, we are forced to view SERP data and to understand how we may have to improve our digital marketing activities. Google is far from forthcoming with the specifics of just what happened before this year in its May upgrade. And with COVID-19 interruption, the shifts in online traffic that can be traced to the May 2020 Core Update and the December Update can hardly be discerned. Most of the digital marketing company in Dubai will be affected by the latest update.

What changes will happen?

As always it took Google only about a couple of weeks to understand the true effect of its algorithm and what it means to digital marketers. But we can explain what those improvements were in May by operating backwards through the results.

Content gains more prominence

Thin content is described as low, low quality or not covered thoroughly by the subject. Keyword refining and poor content supply with backlinks for the purpose of the fact that the material is on the web have long been forgotten. And this recent update accelerates the removal of thin content by moving it and penalising it. The Authority material is appearing in the latest findings in competitive fields. Content with authority is detailed, useful and relevant knowledge that will allow you to become an authority in your profession. Good quality writing and a deep understanding of the field are more critical than ever. Perhaps the communications teams will be hired and restructured appropriately.

The relevance of Directory Listings

After the Core Upgrade in May 2020, the number of directories and aggregators has expanded. This means that Google will encourage directories for consumers to more easily locate details they require. This is also more critical than ever for your SEO activities for companies.  Duplicate listings, wrong or old knowledge, a misspelling – they can make you much more miserable as directories are getting more common and available. Even the Digital Marketing companies in Dubai will be affected by Google updates.


Using Unsupported Backlinking

In the past, while thin information has often been backed up to genuine content from an authority, it can also be re-linked. While backlinking continues to be an integral part of Google's SERP outcomes algorithms, content sponsored only by backlinks is dramatically reduced following the May 2020 Core Update and is expected to proceed in December. Proper backlinking will proceed to embrace quality material and encourage it but the current algorithm appears to understand that the content of these connections does not meet the standard of the links.

How the latest updates will affect different industries?

Changes to Google's algorithms do not impact any industry equally. For eg, copying heavy sites such as news stations could be unpredictable with news releases and repeated material lost its relevance. However, the number of news media has risen and SERP assessments have almost never decreased.This can be connected to the pandemic and elections year. More than before in this digital age the news has been scanned and absorbed. SEO services in UAE must be aware of the current google updates.


As per the Search Engine Land report, tourism, property investment and wellness all saw drastic improvements after the May 2020 core update. But again, coronavirus can be the cause. But just after those divisions, "Pets and Animals and People and Society." were the industries which saw the most improvement in their SERP scores.

Regardless of the sector, you can at least be advised to review and re-evaluate your digital Marketing activities by the May and December 2020 updates. Do you create good quality content that gives actual meaning and interacts? Do you use backlinks instead of just your approach as a booster dose?