How accelerated mobile pages can help your SEO

As the number of mobile users and mobile devices increased over the last few years, it has become absolutely necessary to mobile optimise your website. But simply optimizing the web page cannot bring you improved results. A slow loading mobile web page is as useless as a non-optimised web page. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages come into play. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai stress on the importance of AMP plugins and how they help SERPs.


What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?


Simply put, AMP increases the loading speed of a mobile-optimised website page. AMP was meant to make mobile content more accessible for users on the go. It was born out of the collaborative initiative of Google and Twitter. The AMP plugin increases loading speed by a large degree, thus directly affecting its ranking. Faster mobile pages are sure to provide a better user experience and therefore score better in ranking charts. Web design companies in UAE usually use a multitude of tools and methods to improve the loading speed of web pages.


Why do you need Accelerated Mobile Pages?


There are many reasons why accelerated mobile pages are an absolute necessary for improving your Google rankings. A vast majority of mobile users will not pay more than three seconds to wait for a page to load. Google realise this and has made mobile page load speed a basic factor for ranking, with its recent mobile-friendly updates. Google algorithms are giving more and more importance to mobile friendliness and page load speed is something that plays a definitive role in SERPs. This is why web design companies in UAE like UBL pay more attention to make the websites mobile-optimised.


How Accelerated Mobile Pages help SEO?


AMP promises advanced visibility in search result pages. The page load speed can also direct implications on the performance of the website. A fast loading page will also reduce the bounce rate. AMP also helps to improve server performance. Google also uses AMP as a criterion for displaying several content rich links, especially those related to news or publishing. There is also a possibility of users tending to click more on the AMP- served pages as they are indicated through AMP icon. As more traffic is driven, there is a natural increase in the conversion rate as well. 


How can you AMP your mobile page?


AMP puts several restrictions on ads and user interfaces so that user can enjoy a better experience. The webs copy is altered from the basics, modified into an AMP version which is then presented to the user. These pages are sent to the Google servers where AMP content receives preferential treatment and the AMP alternative of the canonical page is displayed.


Evidently, SEO can experience an avalanche of advantages with the AMP plugin. Certified digital marketing agencies in Dubai can help you make your website speedy and visible so that it can make more leads and conversions.