How Google Ads Are Performing During The Pandemic Situation

The changes that happened during the past two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic are very noticeable from every angle. This mention of every angle includes the economical and personal life on the planet. As a company working on the premises of Dubai, you need to get help from google ads services in Dubai. It is being suggested due to the advantages that your company can get from efficient google ads during the pandemic.
People all over started to spend more time in their houses and there is a work from home situation. All these lead to more user availability in the online world. Every kind of business changed its strategies in marketing to get more eyes looking at them. They started hiring the best services that provide the best PPC services in Dubai. 
Google Ads works with the basics of PPC advertising that can help a person who searches for a specific need in different ways. The person who saw the ad becomes a customer for some businesses while others increasing the audience for the advertising sites. After the first impact, there is a new wave of the pandemic through which people are going now. These circumstances made some serious changes in the performance of Google ads for various businesses.

Industries that experienced an increase in Google Ads Performance
•    Experts explain that the non-profit organizations and charities saw a noticeable increase in the performance of their ads on Google. Different dimensions of Google SERP such as Search Ad Impressions, Conversions, and Conversion rates saw a significant improvement. Google also provided free programs for these kinds of organizations to do advertising for free.

•    Health and the medical field is another industry that saw a significant increase in its google ads performance. The whole situation is already happening due to the virus that causes problems in health. People turned to the online world for purchasing everything they need that includes low-grade pain killers to vital medication. Health and medication product sellers noted a hike in the PPC ad clicks and conversion rates since the beginning of the pandemic.

•    Additional ad services were provided by Google for small and large-scale businesses since the beginning of the pandemic. The operating methods of every business changed to an online mode. Employees started to settle up in remote places such as in their homes and continued work from home. This increased the need for office supplies in the market and the search conversion rate went up online with the absence of a traditional market of supplies.

The traditional market also shifted to an online phase and that again increased the search conversion rate. 

The search for hygienic products and beauty products saw an improvement during this pandemic. People started staying inside their homes to stay safe from getting infected and ordering their beauty and self-care products online. Everyone is more devoted to a hygienic lifestyle and the need for hand sanitizers and masks went up. 

Many of the companies that come under beauty and personal care, skincare, and hair care industries experienced an improvement in their ad performances with lower Average Cost Per Click and higher Average Conversion rates.

•    The finance industry is also doing great during this pandemic with the need for businesses for the experts to take care of their financial needs. It is an industry that has expensive keywords and CPC. 

•    The entertainment industry is another one that showed a high level of increase in the Google Ads performance in this COVID-19 situation. People all around the world started to stay inside and searching for various entertainment methods. They all searched for the best TV shows and online games to spend time in a fun way. 

This also made an increase in the culture of online group sessions like watch parties using online streaming platforms and other social media applications. All these searches increased the ad performance of the industry more than any other time in history.

•    Another industry that improved in the Google Ads performance is related to the gift and greetings. When the social distance hit hard on the social life of the people, everyone started to convey their regards and passing gifts through online methods. The search for gift cards and baskets increased at a high level at this point of the pandemic with a 15 to 43% increase in conversion rate.

Industries survived and got hit hard in Ad performance during the Pandemic
•    The automotive industry is a major one that survived at a constant state in Google's ad performance. It happened due to the lockdowns and less need for vehicles during that period. Besides, the performance kept at a mixed level with the help of changes that happened in the preferences of the people. 

•    Real Estate also got a mixed performance in the search conversion because of the halt that happened in the construction and interior works. This also affected the home decoring industries alongside the furniture sales.

•    Retail shops and showrooms saw a decrease in the operation times and services. This made many people convert their search for daily needs into online platforms. Although, the concerns of people about the livelihoods of others kept the industry stay at a comfortable rate. 

•    Education and jobs went online alongside college applications. This made students more dependent on the SERP. 

•    The travel and Tourism industry got hit hard by the present pandemic in several ways. Every aspect of human life including businesses, governments, tourists, etc started to avoid unnecessary travels at all costs. It decreased the search for keywords related to travel packages. Many agencies started to offer travel packages at a reduced rate with travel insurance to mitigate the situation.

•    The search rate for the entertainment happening live went down by 24% with the limitations and cancellations that happened in the industry. 

•    Bars, Restaurants, sports events, and other entertainment methods that need social interaction became less relevant in the searching list of the people. Several seasonal sports and major leagues got canceled or were not allowed to perform in the presence of the live audience. This decreased the ad performance significantly due to the absence of searches for tickets and accessories.