How Can I Increase Business Sales With Email Marketing


Email marketing is a traditional digital marketing strategy used ever since its formation. We know that some conventional marketing strategies have undergone significant changes and some have even gone extinct. But email marketing is still significant and effective marketing. We bet that every one of you with an email must have received a pile of emails as part of the digital marketing of different companies. But how many of you have opened, and how many have ended up in a purchase?


We are quite sure that you have trashed the majority of the emails. The main reason is that many of them were unwanted and annoying, without a personal touch. As one of the Top email marketing companies in Dubai  Here we discuss how to launch a successful email marketing strategy that can boost your digital sales. Let’s share with you some of our successful email marketing strategies that helped us to boost our digital marketing.


Target The Right Audience


Many companies forget this key point. Instead, they simply make an email bombing to a large audience. This is a useless initiative that can sometimes generate a negative impact on a company's reputation.

Try to make a list of the target audiences by analyzing customers' personas, previous purchase lists, areas of interest, etc. Prepare different strategies for people from different backgrounds. For example, you can send a funny message to a youngster, but someone working in a more reputed firm like a medical field or Business background requires a more formal approach. You can also classify people based on their job, age, interests, etc.

Write an appealing Subject Line and Cover Letter


The first impression is the best impression which is a simple motto applicable to every field in marketing. Especially in email marketing, the subject line is the first thing that your recipient first notes. So it should be done in a proper way. To stand out from the crowd try to make a catchy subject line that compels the recipient to read further. Whatever amazing content you create if your subject line is not attractive, the chance of clicking your email is very low. Always try to create a clickbait subject line.

Optimize Your Email for Handheld Devices and Mobiles

In the present condition compared to desktops and laptops, the majority of people access emails through their mobile phones and other handheld devices. So make sure that your emails are properly optimized for mobile phones. Test the compatibility of your emails with the mobile interface before sending them to the audience.

Send Emails at an Appropriate Time

The time you send your email also plays a vital role in the successful opening of your mail. When targeting B2B marketers Tuesdays and Thursdays are the wise choices because most people are working on those days and the probability of accessing their emails is very high. In the case of the Business to customer segment, you can’t easily predict the right time. Here you have to test on different days and times then analyze the results and find which time you should deliver your emails.

Readability of the Content

Try to convey the content quickly to the reader. Try to avoid beating around the bush and write only what is important. If you want to add more content add bullet points or flow charts. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. The more straightforward you are with the content the more probability of reading your mail. Email marketing is not a space to show your verbal jugglery. try to provide a personalized approach. One of the main reasons why your mail is getting trashed is because they aren’t personalized. Try to do a little bit of research before creating the content.


Keep in mind that only if you provide appropriate contents that are tailored to your target audience will end up being fruitful. You must have to do a little bit of research for this. If you have any queries regarding email marketing contact our digital marketing team.