Growing Advertising Trends in 2022

Over the past few years, we can see a great drift in the Advertising industry from the conventional advertising approaches, The rapid growth of the Internet and social media over the past few years fueled this shift in trends. Earlier televisions and banners were the main medium for advertisements now advertising Industry mainly focuses on Social media platforms for their advertising campaigns. Change in the medium has brought a great change in advertising trends too. As a top digital marketing company in Dubaiwe would like to share with you some of the latest advertising trends in 2022


Personalized Artificial Intelligence-based Marketing


The amount of data used in modern marketing techniques are higher than ever.

Many businesses use this data to create more individualized connections between their audience and their brand. In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the customer experience includes personalization. Although "data debt" is a problem, more than 36% of consumers say they desire a more personalized purchasing experience.


According to a poll, 78% of firms said they don't have enough confidence in their data to turn it into insights that can be put into practice. It appears that there is no lack of trust among consumers.

According to one study, 90% of consumers are open to disclosing personal information in exchange for more convenient or less expensive shopping.



Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing will probably continue to be a prominent marketing tactic for companies of all sizes in 2022 and beyond, from mega-influencers with a million followers to nano-influencers with just a thousand followers Influencer marketing is playing a great role in the current market sector. According to studies, 63% of individuals place more trust in influencer recommendations than in what a brand says about itself. Additionally, Influencer marketing is more affordable and will produce results faster than other forms of marketing.

We can select the influencer based on the types of films or reels he creates in order to specifically target a particular demographic. For instance, if you run a travel agency, you could work with a travel vlogger to create a visually appealing film showcasing your business and the services you offer.

Youtube Marketing

In today's scenario, it is difficult to think about an advertising campaign without youtube. According to the social media examiner, 52% of marketers use YouTube presently, and more than half are interested in learning more about YouTube ads. The potential monthly audience for digital marketers using YouTube advertisements is 1.7 billion unique users. The 30 million-user cloud-based typing assistant Grammarly recently used YouTube's full-funnel marketing approach with an emphasis on both long-term brand building and gaining new customers. With the same ad expenditure, the outcome was a 13% increase in conversions and a 9% higher ROI compared to awareness advertising alone.


In the metaverse, a virtual reality setting, people can communicate with one another, exchange goods, and fulfill their fantasies.

Digital marketers must stay current with new technological advancements. This entails realizing the possibilities of the metaverse. Marketers need to be aware that the metaverse is more than just a passing fad; it appears to be here to stay and is vying to become the next great thing. Numerous brands have already begun testing the potential of the metaverse for brand promotion and advertising.

Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps are another easy way for advertising through a conversational marketing strategy. Because messaging apps provide a direct and convenient way to communicate with customers, people expect businesses to be present on them. If you believe that social messaging apps are only used for sending emojis to pals, consider these statistics:


  • More people use the top three social messaging applications, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, collectively than  Facebook or YouTube.
  • In all phases of the buyer's journey, more than 56% of users of global messaging apps claim to have messaged firms to seek more information.

Hope you have got an idea about the latest advertising trends in 2022. If you would like to work with the best digital marketing agencies in dubai to elevate your brand to the next level then contact UBL Digital World for digital marketing strategies at an affordable rate.