Focus of digital agencies in 2020 and what is yet to come

Digital marketing companies, like most businesses, faced several obstacles in their sector in 2020. However, solutions have been developed that have made technological innovation possible.


When 2020 ends, it is apparent that digitalization has become even more relevant this year, generating many new chances for digital marketing agencies and marketing firms everywhere like Top Digital Marketing companies in Dubai.


The value of working from home does not matter much in ways and automated platforms help us partner with third parties worldwide. Even though we can talk only online networks, we have all linked each other internationally. In this post, we explore how the modern environment changed digital developments and tactics.

What is the reaction of digital marketers on coronavirus?

The world of multimedia agencies like digital marketing company in Dubai is used to reach consumers, plan activities and celebrate award success. Although the entire team is at home, it virtually creates customer meetings and makes sure the simulated meetings can be sustainable.


 Furthermore, they found the cameras and began creating online webinars to support digital marketers keep up to date and expand.

Agencies culture is also vital and you must realize the distinction between being a member of the digital agency. Agencies culture is also important. It feels young and new to be in such an innovative atmosphere. The companies then organized its own activities, such as celebrations of the 10th anniversary or new participants welcome events online.


In 2020, self-development also played its part and was an year to boost experience in business, gain new skills and raise digital literacy. Digital agencies have decided to create an atmosphere for knowledge sharing and promotion. This aims at increasing awareness of digital change and the capacity to take advantage of digital developments.

Digital marketing companies' exciting projects in 2020 and 2021

Optimizing the conversation rate (CRO) is a structured method of increasing the number of visitors to the site who take desired steps. You will fill out a questionnaire, become consumers and other acts that help you achieve your objectives. While others do not yet know what CRO can do, some digital organisations seem to be focused on this service like SEO services in Dubai

UX planning strategy

When implementing every approach, it is important to emphasise the user experience. SHERPA is a modern, groundbreaking consultancy service built by the visionary agencies UX Strategy call.

UX Strategy Call, a new produced service designed to build better UX strategy, was introduced by the firm. This latest consultation service contains a one-hour video call when project owners ask the experts at SHERPA for a separate review of their proposals or concepts. In addition, they have the ability to accept feedback from the agency's experts and gather several ideas. It is exciting to see their innovative acts and a forward-looking project that recognises their customers' priorities.

Video advertisement  

Video advertisements are especially good for smartphone devices. The explanation why videos on mobile devices are being watched is that it rises day by day. Video advertising can therefore be more efficient in sharing more content.You should best understand video advertising as a digital trend before you settle on your campaign budget for 2021.

Selling (remotely)

Many businesses began worrying about the sustainability of sales as remote work has become a reality. Could sale procedures still be maintained remotely?


WEBIT discusses tips and makes you appreciate the value of online meetings with prospective consumers for the growth of remote sales.