Facebook publishes new report on changes in consumer behaviour

In a new research published in partnership with Kantar, Facebook reported many key changes in online consumer behaviour including brand loyalty. The last decade certainly witnessed a massive revolution in the world of online shopping. Ecommerce websites and online supermarkets were on the rise and the complexity of shopping goods was suddenly simplified to a major extent.


The pandemic and the consequent lockdown has further boosted online shopping with an increasing number of people relying on digital stores. Online shops have been outwardly aggressive in the process of replacing physical stores and this was largely because of the convenience and choices it presented to the modern consumer.

Online stores can make use of Facebook promotions services in Dubai to reach more customers here. In a take on how digital media keeps influencing shopper behaviours, Facebook provides opinions on how retailers and marketers need to adapt to the situation. The report is primarily centred on consumers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Brand loyalty

Facebook believes that the new evolution has brought brand loyalty under threat. Consumers are bombarded with a huge number of choices everyday as fresh brands keep sprouting up every second. This ridiculous number of options has forced the consumer to deviate from any kind of brand loyalty. Brands who could predict their loyal customers up until now are suddenly at a loss. Surveys show that now only 8% of the consumers stay loyal to one brand. More consumers are becoming experimental and willing to try new products and brands.

But consumers are not blindly seeking novelty. The brands who can provide immersive experiences, respect consumers and outperform themselves are surely taken into more value. Facebook put forward a set of similar criteria that brands need to follow to get back their loyalty reign.

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Over deliver

Facebook advocates brands to over deliver and exceed the expectations of common consumer. One way to do this is following up on recent orders and keeping the consumer updated with the needs related to their last product purchase. The other thing to do is keep the channels open with the consumer so that he/she can keep the conversation flowing. Messaging and Chabot sessions are a great way to do this. And the customers tend to trust brands that are willing to talk to them even after purchase.  The top digital marketing companies in Dubai are developing new ways to stay connected with the customer. The brand loyalty might increase if brands give the customers enough chance to get connected and have conversations. It also serves an opportunity to engage with the customer and develop personal bonds that can lead to loyalty. The reports of Facebook suggest that over 90% of consumers are interested in receiving brand communications post-purchase.

Data protection and utilization

As the completion increase, brands are forced to withhold and utilise consumer data. But this indeed, causes tension between the consumer and brand. Consumers are threatened by the possibility of data leakage and privacy invasion. Brands are caught in a catch 22 here as the consumer data is essential to improve marketing strategies and reach out to more. It is also necessary to keep learning about user preferences and tastes for gross marketing and branding.  The remedy, as Facebook suggest is using and protecting data wisely. Shoppers must guarantee the consumer to protect the data they are willing to share with them. They must also learn to leverage and utilise data efficiently without concerning the consumer with a threat of data fraud and misuse. Brands can make use of consumer data to figure out their current shopping patterns and make necessary changes to make the shopping experience better for both parties. Brands must be cautious to not exploit and publish consumer data in a way that invades privacy. They must also not persistently share content that might cause the consumer to tap out. Data privacy and protection are going to key factors in deciding consumer behaviour in the future.

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Long-term relationships

Brands can benefit a lot if they can successfully change the customer perception. Customers are presently viewing brands as a medium to fulfil their needs. But what if it is more than that? Brands can hold a large amount of power if they train their customers to perceive them as a friend. This can, of course, only be actualised if brands actually act like friends. Investing in long-term relationships and meaningful bonds with the customer has become a topic of discussion in the marketing books. Long-term bonds can favour the brands as suddenly they are not just product sellers anymore. Retailers and sellers can create and distribute content that is useful to the consumer. If customers can find helpful and rich content they would look up to the source more. Brands must be able to provide more than just products to their customers. Building relationships will make the buyers trust a product and buy them without having to look at other options.

Facebook also points out that the new digital content formats has made it easier for brands engage with the audience. Content formats like videos and lives have made the digital environments more immersive and comprehensive. Social media platforms are a major help in this regard. Facebook promotion companies in Dubai are making use of more video content to reach larger audience. Social media influencers are gaining more and more momentum in all digital platforms. After Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, TikTok has joined the journey and started to bring product and brand awareness to the people. Live shopping is earning popularity as users can buy products they see on the broadcast with a few clicks. Facebook believes that options like this provide the audience with a more interactive and engaging online shopping experience.