Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads Which Platform is Better

You have a restricted social advertising budget but aren't sure where to spend it: Facebook or Instagram? It's a difficult question with an equally difficult answer: it depends. While the two platforms have some overlap in terms of users, the specifics of interactions and demographics remain distinct.

There are several benefits to running on either platform or both. In any case, the identical ad running on both platforms will not provide the same results. Instead, you must consider elements such as your goals, content, and audience to determine which is ideal for your company.


Let’s break it down

Management of advertisements

Instagram and Facebook advertising may both be handled using Facebook's Ads Manager. This one ad resource allows advertisers to easily pick numerous audiences and places. Campaigns can be simply controlled, and results may be downloaded.

We have a plethora of options for objectives, ad settings, and advertising. You have a plethora of combinations to try out, as well as several ways to examine all of the accessible adverts.

On Instagram, the advertisements manager used the "simple is best" approach. With a few taps, you may have your ad linked to an existing article or story. Instagram is the ideal ad management tool for you if you don't need the nitty-gritty statistics and simply want the broad picture with an intuitive interface.

In a similar vein, if you are new to advertising on both platforms and have existing audiences on both, start with Instagram. Once you understand how it works and let us be your social media marketing agency in Dubai, you'll be more equipped to make the most of the opportunities on Facebook.



Examine your current content or your content budget. What sort of material do you have? Do you have the means to invest more? Are there films or photographs that were explicitly made for advertising objectives, or do you only have postings that you wish to increase the visibility of?

Instagram and Facebook differ significantly in terms of content and interactions with it. You may promote on Facebook using a variety of different sorts of ads:


  • Carousel: two additional photos or movies that may be scrolled through.
  • Picture, video, or image slideshow as a single medium
  • Existing posts: contains any links you may have shared.


You have the same options for Instagram ad kinds as before, but you won't be able to make any in-caption links clickable. Instead, utilize the call-to-action buttons to insert a link.

Consider your objectives while you examine your material. If the content does not fit your aim, your ad will not be seen, no matter how fantastic the wording is.

On Facebook, people tend to engage with their friends and family, share intriguing links, and read user messages. Blog pieces, news stories, and case studies with more substantial and shareable information can garner attention on the platform.

The activity on Instagram is significantly more graphically oriented. Before you can think about developing other types of content, you must first think about making captivating photographs or videos. News items clearly do not fare well in this category unless they are accompanied by an attention-grabbing image that helps explain the tale.

If you have a lot of good visual content to spare for advertisements, Instagram is a superior option. This network is particularly useful if you have a budget for developing this type of material. If your material is more diverse or includes more written content, Facebook may be a better fit for your company.



This tutorial has a common thread in which being aware of your goals is linked to practically every aspect of determining where to run your adverts. If you don't have specific goals in mind for your adverts, you should pause and reconsider before proceeding. You won't be able to assess KPIs, campaign performance, or even figure out the targeting you want until you have specific goals in place.

Facebook's Ad Manager makes it simple to choose goals by prompting you to do so right away. This controls both Instagram and Facebook advertisements, albeit Instagram does not have all of these choices. You do not have a choice in the purpose if you promote on Instagram using the app. Keep this in mind while you define your objectives.

Brand awareness goals combined with eye-catching content would perform well on Instagram. On Facebook, however, an aim such as website hits combined with a nice news or review piece would be preferable.



Another factor to consider when deciding whether to advertise on Facebook or Instagram is your industry. Food, fashion, and trendy consumer goods are among the industries that thrive on Instagram for a reason.

If you already have accounts on both platforms, look at your total social media statistics to determine which is garnering the most organic sort of interaction that you want. Increasing Facebook clicks? Take this into consideration and produce an ad that is similar to that sort of material.

The sector you work in will also have an impact on how much you pay for advertisements. More expensive items will require several advertisements to raise consumer awareness, encourage purchase consideration, and drive buyers along the marketing funnel. If the sector does not have a large network presence, you may have less competition in advertising and hence a reduced cost. As a result, you must have a tiny industry presence as well as a large target population to target your ad. If this does not exist, your advertisement will not perform since the audience is too tiny for it to get momentum.



Don't be scared to experiment with different content kinds and objectives while serving the same audience. In Facebook Ads Manager, an A/B test is offered for this purpose. Experimentation is a logical avenue to follow once you have some great performing advertising in place.

The flexibility to modify ads while they are running is a benefit of both systems. Is a campaign spending too much money? Tone it down or cut it short. Is one sort of material performing better than another in terms of audience engagement? Put an end to the underperforming advertisement.

Success in social media advertising requires a combination of strategy, analysis, and a dash of luck. The method you utilized a year ago may no longer be effective now, and the same is true for the future.

Furthermore, the networks' algorithms and advertising features are continually being tweaked. It wouldn't be shocking to see Instagram's targeting become more similar to Facebook's, or for additional Instagram-specific choices to be offered.

If you don't want to go into Ads Manager or the Instagram app to look at your results, we guide Facebook & Instagram Paid Performance reports. It shows you how well your advertising is doing and can provide a presentation-ready report for you in seconds. Furthermore, you may view these reports with analyses of the rest of your social presence without having to switch between various network sites.

For a more in-depth look at advertising on both platforms, we recommend studying what it takes to run a successful Instagram ad campaign and ensuring your Facebook advertising strategy is well-defined.

And, if reading this tutorial has made you realize you need to rethink your social approach before launching paid advertisements, you may use our free social media toolbox to get started.

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