Duplicate content SEO results and how to deal with them

What is duplicate content?

In short: duplicate content is content that can be found more online on a website, which means it can be accessed from multiple URLs.

Why is this bad?

It is difficult for search engines to determine the most appropriate content for a particular search query. If there are multiple websites with similar or similar content, then Google will ensure that not all of these sites are displayed on their results pages. He will try to identify which source is the real source and thus give him high importance. This could be bad news for a website, as all pages with duplicate content will have to share the relevant result, resulting in loss of popularity and rankings.
Google Boot indexes a website as soon as it is visited. As long as duplicate content appears only on your own site, the boat will try to know whether it deals with spam or any legal information required in the web store that should be present on every page. In such a case, there is no anticipated penalty for duplicate content. On the other hand, page ranking can certainly have negative effects if the robot intentionally copies any content from external sources or finds content that looks like spam on multiple pages.

Various types of duplicate content

Duplicate content may originate internally, on your website, or externally on another website.
Common causes for duplicate internal content:

  • URL parameters: The various click parameters and analytics codes attached to the URL can, in some cases, duplicate content warnings.
  • Session IDs are often a reason to duplicate content penalties. This happens when every website visitor enters a specific session ID that appears on the URL.
  • Print versions of the website that are not indexed.
  • When accessing a website with or without WW, http and https, or through various domains (such as custom mobile pages).
  • After transferring the domain, the old site is still indexed.
  • The different local versions of the website that use the same language (such as the United States, United Kingdom, California, etc.) have not been flagged correctly.
  • Legacy SEO strategies such as creating multiple identical websites for each metropolitan area that offer the same content and services.

One of the common reasons for external duplicate content warnings is copying content from other websites. This phenomenon ranges from web stores to copying product descriptions from manufacturers' websites to integrative.

How can I tell if my website has a problem with duplicate content?

There are different ways to mark up a page that uses duplicate content so that you don't see any negative effects on search engine rankings.

  • 301 redirect .htaccess: 301 redirect (default redirect) from a duplicate page (multiple URLs per page) to the original page. In this way there is no competition between the pages, which gives the actual source a close link with a positive impact on classification.
  • Rel = "Canonical": Another way to solve the problem is tags Rel = "canonical". The same amount of link juice with 301 redirects is converted to the original source, while easier to implement. A duplicate tag must be added to the search on the page and search engines indicate the location of the original material. We recommend adding a self-bookmark baseline to the original page, which should be 100% safe.
  • Noindex, follow: You can add these tags to pages you want to exclude from the search engine index. This allows the automated search engine to crawl all links on the page, without indexing its contents, thus avoiding the creation of duplicate content.
  • ModRewrite: By adding "ModRewrite" to a .htaccess file, you can make sure that your website can only be accessed with or without www.
  • Multilanguage and multilingual versions: The language version is marked hreflang = x in the title section, which identifies and avoids duplicate content.
  • Nothing external content says: yours, hacking content that you don't actually own, for obvious reasons, is always a bad idea.

As you can see, there is a solution to all kinds of duplicate content that can help you get your page rankings and content.