Do Google Set Limits to Search Traffic

Someone focusing on the local zone of SEO has found out that Google strangles traffic. This means it is used to block something from moving through. Thus making an end to what’s moving through, i.e creating a traffic. Web distributors have seen traffic blowing once in a while, and traffic analyses seem to be cut off every day. This is the doubt a few distributors suggested that Google traffic chokes.

Google is mythical about traffic

There are plenty of reasons why visitors may be tight all day after the day. It is often the outcome of research by others at work or after school. It's occasionally because people go to lunch and access the web occasionally. You can be a part of our SEO services in Dubai, through our digital marketing training.

The purpose of searching is not only why every person uses positive keywords. Moreover, in the search, situations can also be compared with the place where the question is asked and when the question is asked. John Mueller from Google showed that if you are looking for visitors to tap into a suite of dates, the reason Google does not make them poppy is no longer. Contacting the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai can help you reach your goal.

Traffic throttling- a myth

Certain factors are included in understanding why the traffic is steady sometimes but is tightened afterwards. This is because it is the time when someone is accessing the net while in school or at work. They must be searching for something on the web. Or it can be because individuals are surfing the net during their lunchtimes or breaks.

Usage of other google tools

Google Groups

An aiding group called Google Groups, where your product can be supported by its members where it can be either for your clients, external users or for your staffs. These collaboration tool also has certain limitations. During every 5 minutes, you can only send 300 emails. To a particular community, you can only send 1800 messages an hour. Per day you can have only 5000 external message recipients.


In an undefined "short time" users are not permitted to build "too many events" (more than 10,000). Any individual who transcends this constraint will only have read-only access to edit access. Besides, Google does not allow you to make more than 25 new calendars (with the same 'limited time' provision) and also forbids sending invites to external visitors more than 100 to 300 events (the existing cap is not specified). This limitation does not implement to your main or supplementary domain. This Calendar Invitation limitation applies.


Most businesses nowadays use the Hangouts, which beginned as a consumer chat app. This is a relevant information for those using the hangout. If they are being used for any collaboration calls, you should know that it is restricted to only 15 participants.


Quite heavy Gmail users have another dilemma to remember – Google Contacts' restrictions. With max contact space caps to 20MB, you can add up to 25,000 connections to your account (User photos do not count towards this). Further constraints are a maximum of 500 sectors, a limit of 1024 characters per field and a capacity limit of 128 KB per communication, respectively. In addition, 50,000 common external contacts are accessed by each person. You can avail of our Digital Marketing agency in Dubai at any time.