Add Posts and Services to your google my business

Posting posts regularly

Google My Business posts are the equivalent search result for updating your social media feed.Posts allow you to add a short update with a picture or video, a call to action and a link directly to the GMB list in Search and Google Maps.

The posts added will remain on the info card for seven days, after which they will be returned to a timeline that is only accessible by clicking "View previous posts on Google".

It is very easy to add posts

Log in to the GMB dashboard and navigate to the posts on the left, giving you a variety of post types that you can create: updates, events, offers, and products.

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What to do from here is very straightforward, and you have a lot of freedom to play and try different types and formats. Heaven is the limit, but if you're concerned about inspiration, here are some examples of posts:

  • Share a snippet, photo, and link to the latest post of your blog
  • Selected in the news? You can also add links to other websites!
  • Celebrate the launch of your new product line with a limited time offer
  • Invite researchers to the events they host and simplify the lead pipeline

TIP: Posts currently only appear on your Google My Business profile, but users may see GMB posts one day after Google+ is closed and a new focus on Google Discover. You can also find feeds.

Select multiple categories

Google will ask you to select a primary category for your business listing during the My Business setup process. This section identifies the main industry in which you operate or the services you provide - for example, "website designer."

There are two main benefits to the category you have chosen:

Your GMB dashboard will highlight the section you have selected, which will help you find what you have to offer;

Your section will go to Google to help you understand how your business is an entity, what it does and how it resembles other business entities. This will eventually help bring up the GMB list for extensive searches.

Disadvantages of classifying your business in Google My Business categories include the "People Search" section of the GMB Panel.

Here lists other local businesses similar to yours and the basic categories that apply to them.

The reverse is that you can immediately see how your target audience, the categories they use and how they set up their GMB profiles to attract customers.

Choosing the right category is a difficult process. As Google continues to expand its list, many similar categories appear.

Google My Business also allows you to choose multiple categories to help explain what your business does. Choose the most logical option without overusing mixed messages and sending them about your business.

For example, when we host many of our customer's websites, we decide not to use the category web hosting company because we feel the need to focus more on companies that provide web hosting services on a large scale.

Don't focus too much on categories between your optimization efforts, but choosing a good core and two additional and relevant categories will lead you on the right track.

TIP: Just as similar businesses can appear on your Google My Business profile, including you in related categories, increasing the likelihood that someone will find your business on a competitor's profile!

Your services list

As a local company, you may have a list of services available. Google My Business has a great feature to support this, letting you add a "list" of services directly to your GMB list.

The feature allows you to categorize your services list into categories, description, name, description and price of each listed item.

Of course, the added advantage of adding a list of services to your GMB profile is the opportunity to further improve search visibility with product and service keywords.

To get started, go to the "Information" tab in your Google My Business dashboard, scroll down a few steps and click "Services."

You will now see a service screen, where you can add a category name (category) and details of your item. Once you've added a name, description, and price, click the Add button.

Once your first product is listed, you now have the opportunity to add more items or categories to your service list.

Strangely, this information only appears for researchers who use a mobile device, but it is a great way to interact instantly with a potential customer without being asked to visit your site.

Additional tip: If you work in the food and beverage business and have a craft menu, you will be given a menu option instead of services. Unfortunately, there is not yet an option to "download" a menu, so you will have to add all menu items manually. However, if your website is explicitly designed, Google can automatically choose the list URL and link directly from your GMB profile instead.