A Guide to LinkedIn Company Pages and LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn is growing in popularity as a social media platform that helps businesses of various niches build their brand awareness. With the help of LinkedIn company pages, a brand/business can successfully know and engage with their targeted audience, contribute to professional communities and expand their digital space. Online promotion companies in Dubai help brands grow their value through social media promotional activities. In this article, we are attempting to talk a bit about some common queries about LinkedIn company pages and showcase pages.

What is the difference between a LinkedIn company page and showcase page?
A LinkedIn company page is where you create your business profile. It is also the pivot of your business activities in LinkedIn. The company page is where your audience gets an idea about your company, your product/brand, your stories etc. This is also where you share important information about job opportunities and new milestones. Social media marketing agencies in Dubai can help you build an expedient company page on LinkedIn. These marketing companies make use of the latest updates in Google algorithms to make your page more visible in search results. A well-managed LinkedIn page can enhance your SEO and advance your ranking.
 So what makes a LinkedIn company page different than a LinkedIn showcase page? What is a showcase page anyway? A LinkedIn showcase page allows you to build your community of audience who are interested in a specific subject, which has often a lot to do with your niche. Here you can create and share a relevant content experience that can be useful to your group of followers on LinkedIn. The content would be focused and specific, driving a particular point home. A showcase page is an addition to company page that helps you to find and engage with more potential followers. On a LinkedIn showcase page, you can post and sponsor content and use this to manufacture a steady number of followers.

Get discovered with LinkedIn company pages
Creating a LinkedIn company page adds to your chance of showing up in SERPs. You can reach people who might be searching for your product/services more easily. LinkedIn company pages allow like-minded individuals to connect and collaborate with their shared muses. Online promotion companies in Dubai confirm that your page is the perfect place for posting your updates, articles, events, or news related to your product/service. 
A detailed company page that keeps posting frequently enjoys more views than an ordinary LinkedIn page. Maintain a LinkedIn company page can be hard work but it is all worth it. Consistent and juicy content that is created with the help of digital marketing agencies in Dubai can help your LinkedIn pages work as a booster for all your other social media networks.

How to use LinkedIn showcase pages for business
Whether it is your company page or showcase page, rest assured Goggle loves them! You can leverage showcase pages to help you find business with intelligent optimisation. You can include target SEO keywords in the showcase page. You can give engaging descriptions and images about your business. This also includes linking your showcase page to your other sources. And last but not least, do not forget to invite people to follows your showcase page and share its posts.

The advantages of a showcase page
There are several benefits to properly managing the LinkedIn showcase page.
•    A LinkedIn showcase page improves your chance of making more followers and may prevent them from unfollowing your company page
•    It is easier to study and analyse the page analytics to make necessary changes
•    You can get creative and quirky in your post, unlike your company pages. This flexibility may eventually sanction you more popularity among LinkedIn followers.
•    LinkedIn showcase pages are great spaces to make true and productive engagement with your target audience.
•    You may receive in-depth gem so knowledge from interacting with your followers
•    It also takes off the load of having to post irrelevant stuff on your company page

Steps to start a showcase page
You can easily create a showcase page with a few simple steps if you have LinkedIn company page.
Here is how you can create a LinkedIn showcase page
Step 1: Sign in to your business account and go to the page admin centre.
Step 2: Select ‘admins tools menu’
Step 3: Click ‘create showcase page’
Step 4: Add your page name and URL
Step 5: Add your logo and tagline
Step 6: You can select and customize the buttons
Step 7: Fill in your description and details about your business
Step 8: Upload an image in the recommended size
Step 9: You are done!
Your showcase page is now listed on your main company page

How to build an impressive and growing LinkedIn showcase page?
Showcases pages are an amazing idea if you or your company want to promote a special idea. The best online promotion companies in Dubai share a few ideas to develop a wholesome LinkedIn showcase page. Enjoy these tips to create an impressive LinkedIn showcase page for your business

#Tip 1 : Introduce your showcase page to your most trusted company page followers. Invite them to come and seek relevant content that may interest them

#Tip 2 : Give a clear, attractive, and specific name to your showcase page. Your name must not leave room for doubts for a person coming across it for the first time.

#Tip 3: Work as a team for promoting the page. You can ask your employees or those who are closely related to your business to share links to your page

#Tip 4: You can use your website, emails, social media pages, newsletters, and blogs as tools to insert showcase page links. Spread them across the digital space so that more people may find them easily.

#Tip 5: Get creative with the tagline. A tagline is just as important as your page name. You can express your goal, the nature of your business and your content type in one tagline.

#Tip 6: Pay attention to complete your page and fill it with all necessary details. Filled LinkedIn pages enjoy way more views than the half-empty ones.

#Tip 7: Choose a good hero image. Do not go for the generic business or company image or even your default LinkedIn image. Choose a good hero image that attracts the viewers. You get bonus points if you can incorporate your brand message in the picture.

#Tip 8 : Make use of ‘LinkedIn matched audiences to enlarge your customer database.

#Tip 9: Create and deliver follower ad campaigns. These campaigns make you spot more relevant people who may be interested in your content and brand.

#Tip 10 : Post regular content. Showcase pages are all about showcasing your brand that you are going to sell. So frequently upload good-looking content and make it a habit to persistently engage with your followers.

#Tip 11: like any other social media platform, you can confidently rely on video content to drive your engagement on the showcase page too. People love visual data and getting to obtain information faster. Videos serve both purposes.

You can effectively create a network of users who can empower your business with LinkedIn business pages. LinkedIn communities can uplift and propagate various aspects of your business. Cultivating bonds with your followers is the key to create a long-lasting and valuable online business space.  This engagement must be consistent to develop trust in your followers. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn gives room for professional networking. LinkedIn offers profound benefits to small and large-scale companies. 
Manage your LinkedIn presence with the best digital marketing agency in Dubai. UBL digital world will help you cultivate the perfect environment for taking your business to new heights.