8 Reasons To Include Videos In Digital Marketing

Do you know which the current leading content format is? 
 Assuming you have already read the title of this blog, you are 100% right. Videos are killing it as the most popular content format right now. Any good digital marketing company in Dubai would tell you the importance of investing in video content for marketing products and services. More than 80% of customers tend to make buying decisions after watching its related videos. Videos increase the ranking of a web page three times more. And nearly 90% of businesses now use videos as a powerful marketing tool.
All the top social media marketing agencies in Dubai consider videos as their main branding apparatus. Here are six reasons why you should create and use more videos for your digital marketing efforts.
1.     Explaining product
Videos are a great means to educate your potential customers about a product. Video content has the strength to increase user understanding of a product or service. Customers need to know more about a product before deciding to buy it. And videos are the best way to convince them that they must make this purchase. When a customer hears about a new product, the chances of him/her looking into it are very low. Even if they decide to look into it, they may not likely spend more than a few seconds learning about them. Videos are the best and fastest way to explain a product compared to any other techniques. 
2.     Great ROI
If you can create and share high-quality videos and know how to suitably incorporate them into the content strategy, you get to enjoy a greater Return Of investment (ROI). More than 70% of global brands say that videos are bringing them a good return on investment. It may look like at first sight, videos are an expensive business. But wise marketers would tell you that high-quality videos have the potential to generate an excellent ROI, depending on the content strategy.
3.     Everybody love videos
Videos are the most favorite content format of people all across the world. People love videos. Videos are quicker, visually appealing, and the best way to learn about something. It is simply convenient to use videos. The increasing usage of video distributing platforms like YouTube and TikTok is a great example of this. The popularity of videos is something the last decade saw shooting up and the trend continues on its way up. Many SEO experts believe that videos will remain the most popular content format for a long time until someone comes up with something better.
4.     Supports SEO
Video content offers immense support to SEO. Videos that contain relevant keywords and search terms can help your web pages rank better in SERPs. Just a quick test with some searches can help you realize that Google displays YouTube videos at the top for most queries. Most search queries with the terms “how to” and “what to do if” also bring a list of videos as results. Tutorial videos and how-to videos are searched for and watched by many users. If you can upload more SEO-optimized videos it can draw more traffic to your website or web page.
5.     Flexibility of use
One of the greatest advantages of using videos is that they can be used in a variety of ways. While most prefer YouTube as the go-to platform for sharing videos there are a ton of other platforms where videos are very popular. Social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram offer astounding support and flexibility to share different types of videos and the users most definitely love it too. Platforms like TikTok are growing as a great place for digital marketers to develop their brand awareness and product promotion. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat allow you to create stories in the form of short video clips that are easy, simple, and effective to get a message across. Live videos are also slowly gaining momentum. Webinars can be useful to make meaningful interactions with target customers. This also helps brands to enhance their brand awareness and industry dominance.
6.     Boosted conversions
Uploading videos can increase your sales and conversions. Videos currently make more money than any other content type. Video works well to reach a wider audience and make an impactful message. Therefore, videos enjoy the single greatest potential to lead views to sales. People who watch testimonials and tutorial videos of a product have a greater likelihood of purchasing that product. An online promotion company in Dubai spends one-fourth of its efforts in producing quality video content.
7.     Building trust
Branding and sales directly depend upon one important factor- the trust of customers. And videos are incredibly useful when it comes to building trust with customers. Well-constructed videos with valuable content will bring the right customers to the brand instead of the opposite way. Videos can easily engage with customers and advocate for them of the need to follow a brand. They ignite a feeling of relatedness and closeness in customers making them more confident to buy products. They are the best instrument for implementing some serious content marketing these days if you are looking for it.
8.     Mobile users love it
With more and more people switching to mobile devices, the significance of mobile optimization in digital marketing has hit the roof. Mobile users also tend to be drawn to video content, as these are an easy and attractive way to learn things. Mobile video consumption is increasing at a baffling rate as most digital media companies in Dubai are creating video content with specifically mobile users in mind.
Wrapping it up
Video marketing is emerging in significance day by day. Companies and brands that pay attention to video marketing are making huge profits out of it. Small businesses use video content as an affordable and effective way to draw in an audience. Videos also promise massive sustenance to SEO efforts. As the leading social media agency in Dubai, UBL digital world helps you make and deliver SEO-optimized video content that is guaranteed to bring you attractive results.