7 best SEO secrets to drive your website traffic like crazy

Why digital marketing companies in Dubai are trying to improve user experience?

There is no dispute in about what Google search engines are looking for. Clearly, the algorithms are in the constant lookout for websites that provide a better user experience. This does not get contained inside the limited framework of generating user-intended content. The best possible results of each query relied on the user experience every website offers. And let’s face it! Google is getting better at detecting such websites. If your website disregards the user experience and simply contains a whirlpool of outdated content, rest assured you will be ranked poorly. The top digital marketing companies in Dubai have started to weigh more importance on the fact that search engines like Google reward websites with the best user experience.

  • Write intelligent content

The #1 frequently spoken rule of SEO remains the same- Content is still the king!

If you are not convinced, check the top-ranking websites from search results. But it’s doubtful that simply filling your web pages with content helps you increase your ranking. Structured content and content clusters are words that keep popping up in the discussions about the latest SEO trends. Focusing on and organising content into content clusters help us to link relevant content pieces together. This way you are creating mini web pages, each of them with the capability of ranking individually. And what’s more, users can enjoy more satisfying results and a better experience , thus increasing your chance to get spotted by you-know-who.

  • Increase your website loading speed


Site speed is important to the users as the number of websites and the sheer availability of content has multiplied in the last decade. People are not likely to linger on websites that take too much time to load. So simply improving the website loading speed can break a site’s performance in search results. Seo tools like page speed insights, test my site, etc. will give you a valuable understanding of your site’s responsiveness in light of its speed. The digital marketing agencies in Dubai are increasingly involving website speed as a part of their SEO services in Dubai.


  • Is your website optimized for voice searches?

Voice searches have definitely improved in numbers in the last few years. People are increasingly relying on smart speakers and voice search devices as these are easy, fast, and convenient than type searches. This hike in the number of voice searches means just one thing- Google will increasingly value sites that are optimized for voice searches.


Mobile devices come first

Just like voice searches, the number of people using mobile devices instead of desktops has also increased. Thanks to concepts like work at homes, travel offices, and laptop lifestyles more people are leaning onto mobile devices for Google searches. It is crucial to optimize your websites for mobile searches so that you rank better in search engine results.


Backlinks, backlinks, and some more backlinks

An assorted backlink portfolio is a very important part of technical search engine optimisation. Keeping an eye out for spammy links, try to make your backlink portfolio as diverse as you can. Links that are earned through high-quality content will give you plenty of value to improve your ranking in search results. Backlinks are an integral part of technical SEO for online promotion companies in Dubai.

As Google algorithms are in a continuous quest for exploring the best user-friendly sites, so should the SEO strategies be. We hope you like this list of SEO secrets from top digital marketing companies in Dubai.