7 Smart Google Ads practices for 2021

Experienced digital marketers involved in Google ads services in Dubai would tell you how difficult it is to come up with a well-rounded Google ads strategy that clicks. It definitely takes a lot to create an effective Google ad. But a digital marketer can never stop his pursuit of finding Google ads that can create a better reach. An effective Google ad must capture its audience attention and lure them into whatever the marketer has for them. You must ensure that your ad is the perfect balance of key terms and eye-catchy content. You must have a fair bidding strategy in place so that your ads have a fighting chance. Yes, there are plenty of tasks associated with creating an outstanding Google ad. But since the pros outweigh the chores by a large margin, let us discuss a few Google ads ideas for 2021.

Automated bidding

You can get an edge over your bidding strategy if you automate it. Handling the bidding part of a Google ads campaign is a tedious task. The response must be continuously evaluated and adjusted accordingly. It can also lead to a ton of mistakes since the continuous updates create data lapse or blunders. Automation can help you simplify the process without the risk of manual errors. This also leads to the SEO analyst getting exhausted and making judgmental inaccuracies. Most companies prefer manual bidding because of the cost advantages. However, if you know how to make use of automated bidding smartly, it can be more cost-effective than manual efforts. You can create an ad with the best shot all within your budget.

Prepare your ads for mobile devices

More and more users are switching to mobile devices. Web browsing is taking a hard turn to mobile browsing and now it is up to the digital marketers to adapt. Tweaking your Google ads in favour of native and mobile devices can help you improve its position. Mobile conversions and clicks are almost the same numbers as desktop conversions. So it is important to take into consideration the user behaviour when you are creating an ad. Preparing your Google ads in a way to attract mobile users must be a top priority. Everything from keyword searches to clicks behaviour can be different for desktop and mobile customers. You can use online tools to study your mobile audiences and make changes for them accordingly.

Go with the trend

A piece of content that is out of trend is sure to backfire. It is important to recognise and keep up with the current trends when planning your Google ads. Your Google advertising campaign must include a concept that is popular in the current trend lists. You can create a successful campaign by creatively integrating the concept in hand to the idea you want to sell. This, on par with good keyword research, can give you a fine opening for a stunning ad. SEO experts in Dubai are always on the hunt for the latest trends that they can convert into captivating ads.

Learn about user intent

The user intent or search intent can provide you with valuable insights when creating a Google ad. Think of the reasons why your targeted audience searched for this particular keyword. Your audience intentions can throw light into the changes you need to make in the ads for achieving a higher ROI. Maybe your user was just looking for some information. Or maybe she was trying to get to a specific place on the web. Or she may be simply trying to buy a product or service and wanted to look into it more. In very few cases, the user is directly trying to make a purchase. Whatever the intent be, paying attention to the reason for searches is a good way to create a proper Google ad.

Limited offer sales

Limited offer sales have always attracted more buyers from time immemorial. Putting a clock near your sales is an excellent marketing strategy to increase the value of your ads. You can offer any reward, deal or discount for a certain time period. Limited offer ads have a special way of generating a feeling of necessity in the audiences’ mind that the normal ads cannot. Seasonal sales for any products or services can increase the sales and success rates of your ads. 

Lower your ad campaigns

This one sounds confusing. Surely we are trying to increase conversions? Why, yes. But managing hundreds of ad campaigns at the same time can create a mess. Keeping a close eye on each campaign can be tiresome and leads you to disregard campaigns which need more focus. This essentially ends in the tragic scenario of all the ad campaigns failing simultaneously. As a top social media marketing agency in Dubai, this is something we witness in fresh marketers all too often. We are familiarized with You Discarding underperforming ad campaigns or of low quality is essential for the success of your overall ads strategy. This also helps you to cut down unwanted expenses on wasted ads. You can increase your potential savings and direct your focus to productive ads if you dare to declutter and remove the undesirable ads.

Stand out

People are getting bored with the same old copies and content dumped at them every day. Digital marketers should spend more time and effort on making ad copies that stand out. You can make use of unique visuals, ideas and copies to make your ad immediately attract attention. Creative ad campaigns score way better than others in Google and Facebook ad platforms. The significance of high-quality visuals is also increasing. Captivating images and visuals are sure to draw in a larger audience. You can use statistics to figure out how to make the most of creative ads. Being the leading web designing company in Dubai we have dedicated to the cause of offering captivating ad designs and banners for you.

Work on your landing page

You can do everything right, but still end up disappointing the person who clicked on your ad. While getting clicks are important, what happens after the clicks is also equally imperative. In order to convince the visitors that they need to buy your product or service, you need to learn the art of perfecting your landing web page. Your landing page must offer the things your ad promised and must include all the elements that the potential customer desires. Any company that provides Google ads services in Dubai would advise you to work on your landing page for better ad results.

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