How Long Should Your Videos Be. Ideal Lengths for Facebook Instagram Twitter and YouTube

The attention of the audience is what makes a video content successful in its goal. Looking at the latest facts, attention is a major attribute of humans getting diminished fast. An editor creates a beautiful video and publishes it on a social platform yet failing to keep the audience until the video ends. This happens a lot due to the duration of the video they make. Reaching out to Facebook promotion services in Dubai or any social media marketing company in Dubai could help content creators with all their marketing strategies.

Interesting content will keep the viewer immersed in the video. This interest never lasts if they get distracted by any other notifications. A viewer will start to watch a video only after considering how long it is. Even if they start the video, there is a chance of skipping it all across from start to end to easily understand the overall content. Publishing the same content on all platforms is no problem. It must be edited accordingly with the platform.

Social media platforms have a time limit for their main video section. Twitter’s video time limit is 2 min 20 seconds while a normal video section in Instagram has a 1 min target. However, platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. offer special video sections like IG TV, Reels, and YouTube shorts. You can utilize all these options to share the video according to how long the whole video is.

Lately, increased demand for short video forms like reels and Tok-toks is another example of decreasing the attention span of internet users. Here is some more information on this topic to understand and adapt video content with any social media platform.

How long is the perfect duration for a video?

It is a question for you as a content creator. The time is your choice but it must completely utilize with valuable content. The video should be informative or entertaining to keep your audience wait for another scene. Most short videos could be done without letting it exceed 2 minutes. Besides, it’s considered to be the average time people try to watch a video to understand the content.

It goes down up to 30 seconds with the latest video trends. So, the length of a video is completely associated with how efficiently a creator can convey his idea in less time. Time does not matter with a YouTube video if it is filled with unique editing skills, informative content, and creative storytelling. Let’s take a deep dive into more information about the perfect video duration for each social media platform for more understanding.


Facebook users like any other platform, are now more interested in the short video formats. Make the videos 1 minute longer to adapt to this situation. It is possible to upload a lengthier video if you have more to say. It is better if you can make a short and interesting trailer for a bigger video and get the audience attention. They will enter your profile if you can get them fascinated with that short video. So, this means multiple advantages using a short time video.

Never make the video lengthier than two minutes. People will not sit and watch a long video even if it is made for complete entertainment. Scrolling is what users from any social platform like. Providing them with what they need while taking less of their time is the right thing for achieving great audience interaction.


Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms with one billion or more monthly active users. At first, Instagram offered one option to record video for 30 seconds. Then it got updated to one minute and maintained that for a while. Now, there are Reels for one-minute videos, IGTV for longer videos (15 from smartphones and 60 min from the web), and stories for videos with 15 min duration. Another major option is live video recording that can go up to whenever you like to stop recording.

The better choice is to publish a 30-second video to keep the viewer interested throughout an Instagram video even if it offers all these different options. It can keep a user in the video even if they are scrolling fast down to the next videos.


Like its text character limit. Twitter has a limit for video duration since it launched its first video option named “Vines”. It was a six-second video platform that went viral and created many internet celebrities really fast. Eventually, Vines got stopped by the company and a new video system got updated. The current video duration you can have for a Twitter video is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

The same 30-second trick is the best also with Twitter in video sharing. Twitter is the best way to tease the followers with links from the websites containing the original content. Give your audience a small sneak peek and direct them to a landing page with actual content using a link. Movie stars use their Twitter accounts to easily share upcoming movie trailers and teasers.


Considering a time limit in YouTube videos might confuse many people. It is a platform with huge active user statistics and very large videos. You could find a video lengthier up to 571 hours, I minute, and 41 seconds on YouTube as the longest video on the platform. It might not be possible with a normal video creator so don’t waste the time. Go for a video with a duration of under 3 minutes if you like it short. Duration of 10 minutes and more can be done for a lengthier video.

However, never let it go for more than 15 minutes to keep the viewer interested. An average social media user is always seeking the next quality content even when they are watching one of the best videos they can find.

If you need a trending video of your own, then it is important to adapt right with the platform you are uploading the video. Get help from the best social media marketing company in Dubai to make your company marketing videos trending and increase the number of customers. They can help in creating, editing, and publishing any video on any platform with the right strategies.