Scope of Google Beacon Technology
In Digital Marketing

If you own a business or engage in marketing, you may have heard about beacon technology. You may have received a Google Beacon Post as part of a Google-launched program to send seamless beacons to businesses to improve mobile visibility and experience.. Beacon technology has come a long way since Apple launched it in 2013, and it is expected to grow even further. Global market statistics predict that the Beacon Technology market will surpass $ 25 billion by 2024. Technology has tremendous potential and is expected to contribute to the marketing landscape in the coming years.


Beacons are small and wireless transmitters that use low-power Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby. This is a popular advancement in location technology and proximity marketing. Location-related search and communication make it easy to transfer and connect to smart devices.


The technology itself has many applications and possibilities. When the beacons were first introduced, some functionality was available, and some became available as technology evolved.

Improved Offline Attribution With Google Ads:
Google Beacon technology By connecting your beacon's signals to your Google ad account, you can gain a lot of useful insight into your search's offline activity and track your visits to the store. When you enter your Google Search ads, this means that you may be able to attribute the number of online users that walk into the store. Businesses and marketers spend billions each year on their online advertising efforts; Therefore, it is more important than ever to understand your offline attribution. Traditionally, knowing how an online marketing venture relates to offline attribution is a marketer's nightmare. However, you can understand how effective your digital ads are in driving customers and sales to your store by tracking the key engagement points of users who click on your digital ads. The best digital marketing agencies also provide complete information and details about such strategies. They will help you understand more SEO services and other services at a lower cost.