10 Common Errors in
SEO Positioning Strategy

10 Common Errors in SEO Positioning Strategy

When suggesting a natural or organic search engine positioning strategy for a website, also known as an SEO positioning strategy, it is common to make a number of mistakes due to ignorance, time, interest, or attention. We wrote this post as an annual strategy listing 10 common mistakes (one for each month of the year) that you should avoid and think about in your SEO strategy to maximize the position of your website. We will use Google as the main search engine throughout, but everything we describe here can be extended to all search engines. Know more on Our SEO Services.

1. Doing SEO, at what cost.

Generally, we talk about SEO as the only way to get on the internet, with the famous saying, "If you weren't on Google, you wouldn't exist." SEO is rarely said to be irrelevant or useless, but it depends on the type of business and the service and product being offered. It is important to note that Internet search engines are windows that provide companies that can search Google and offer a service or product of end consumption. You do not have to be there for that. As with all businesses, you need to be in the media that your audience is interested in. Depending on the business affiliated with the topic public relations rollout plans, organic traffic may not be the primary source of access for consumers. Make sure SEO is exactly what you need.:

2. We believe you will get immediate results.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint; A long-term reputation building strategy that requires time and dedication. With millions of other websites fighting for the same thing, you can't expect to win first place overnight. SEO requires patience and hard work. If you need immediate results, the best idea is to invest in Google Adwords search campaigns or show networks. They are very simple to deploy, have an excellent capacity for segmentation, and offer traffic and sales from the trip. .

3. Selecting incorrect keywords.

Choosing failed keywords to position your website will lead to failed tasks and waste your time. Think about potential customer searches. To do this, tools like Google Adwords or Semrush's Keyword Planner are very useful for finding the number of monthly searches and keywords that determine the location of the competition. An analysis of your competitors' websites will give you a guide to the terms in which you want to compete or help you find searches that do not cover and work for you.

4. Publishes duplicate content.

Copying existing content from another website and posting it on your own is the worst idea you can have when working in SEO positioning. The presence of duplicate content on a website is one of the most severe punishments for Google. Google wants to offer new, original, fresh content that provides valuable, useful, and interesting information to objective users.

5. Don’t pay attention to your content.

Be careful not to fill in short keywords (keyword secular) without interest or value, they are very promotional. Sometimes we become so obsessed with indexing robots that we forget that we write down what others need to read; All SEO is based on other human beings.

6. Don’t take advantage of social media.

We are lucky to have social media, where we are likely to find most of our potential customers, and it's as easy to use as having a page or company profile and sharing your posts. Offering real and interesting content gives them the opportunity to go viral and create a loyal community around your brand, services, and products. Sure, it takes time, imagination, and a lot of work, but here we can make a loan.

7. URLs are not optimized.

Sometimes we forget about this technical element and there are a few “friendly” URLs full of numbers and weird characters. We want to optimize and sort sections according to the different directories of our web using categories and of course keywords. Of course, always in clear, human-friendly, language.

8.Do not customize or configure the content based on keywords.

The error here is in thinking about design rather than web structure. Like a house, it would be a mistake to think first about the color of the walls and then where the bathroom goes and where the kitchen is. The first thing to think about is the content, the keywords, and the structure, and then everything comes up.

9. Forget about mobile devices.

Failure to implement a responsive design that allows your website to be compatible with any device is one way to lose leads. More and more mobile phones and tablets are being used to surf the web, so having a mobile-friendly heart website optimized for any screen size is important to avoid missing business opportunities and put in the Google rankings.

10. Uses very specific or always similar keywords.

It is better to use long tails and other words that are semantically related because it is more natural and can increase the scope of searches that we appear to have.

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